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A July 2020 Rockefeller Foundation report — an implied part of “The Great Reset” — describing a radical transformation of our food system in the face of the most significant disruption to our food supply in history. The report calls to provide food to all (like UBI), use schools as community nutrition distribution anchors, de-fund farms/ranches via “true cost accounting” that includes CO2, provide funds to BIPOC, collect realtime data for AI/automation, and much, much more. Christian breaks down this report, which builds upon the assault upon global food supply and your ability to feed your family. Thank you for sharing this report to help spread the word.

Biden’s plans to shut down food supply are being trumpeted by USA Today as NM Gov denies creating a food crises by shutting down grocery stores. Here’s the evidence of the crisis…

The Elite is Desperately Trying to Convince You to Eat Bugs. Here’s Why.

With all of that being said, the global elite (most notably the World Economic Forum) wants us to put cockroaches in our mouths, chew on their crunchy exterior, and swallow their viscous green interior. Indeed, the bug-eating agenda is seeping through mass media and even the educational system. The goal: To normalize and even glamorize the consumption of bugs.

The WEF is not merely trying to control governments and economies, it wants to redefine the meaning of life on Earth. Nothing less.

An article on the WEF’s actual website. They’re out of their minds.

In short, they see us as cattle. Other than restricting every aspect of our lives, they also want us to consume much fewer resources. This is where the bug-eating agenda comes in. Using buzzwords such as “sustainability”, the global elite is defining what is a “responsible” diet while increasingly shaming those who eat meat.

A tweet by the WEF’s official account promoting bug-eating using a graph showing resource consumption of livestock.
Another WEF article promoting bug eating as an inevitability.

Other than trying to appeal to the environmentally conscious using graphs and figures, the elite is in full indoctrination mode to promote bug eating.

Mass Indoctrination

Several years ago, this site identified the gender-blurring agenda and predicted that it would be gaining steam. The least one can say is that was an understatement. Using mass media, schools, and sold-out governments, the elite made the gender-blurring agenda a priority and managed to redefine what means to be a man and a woman.

Well, the bug-eating agenda is on a similar path. Celebrities are eating bugs on camera.”Journalists” are writing articles promoting bug-eating as an inevitability. Schools are making children eat bugs in class. Here are some examples.

First, here’s a creepy video of Nicole Kidman eating live insects which she calls “micro-livestock”.

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