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Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ Movie Shooting Incident Kills Cinematographer, Injures Director
Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ Movie Shooting Incident Kills Cinematographer, Injures Director

Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ Movie Shooting Incident Kills Cinematographer, Injures Director

The official narrative is that “at the Bonanza Creek Ranch in Bonanza City, New Mexico, cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot and director Joel Souza was injured on the set of the film Rust when a prop revolver discharged a live round while being used by actor Alec Baldwin. The weapon had not been thoroughly checked for safety in advance.” (Wikipedia)

Alec Baldwin claimed he didn’t pull the trigger. This could not be the case according to a gun expert appearing on CNN:

An expert analyzed his body language on an interview he did with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos and said he was ‘acting’ throughout the interview, not being genuine.

Conspiracy Theory:

Clay Clark, a multimillionaire entrepreneur who also organized “ReAwaken America” rallies where various election, COVID-19, and QAnon followers are brought together in churches around the country, appeared on “The Charlie Ward Show” where he alleged that the tragic incident in which actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed a cinematographer was really part of a satanic plot to protect Bill and Hillary Clinton.

As Clark explained it, the husband of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer who was fatally shot on the set of the film “Rust,” works for Latham & Watkins, which is a massive law firm employing thousands of attorneys. Other attorneys who work for Latham & Watkins are currently representing Michael Sussmann, a lawyer who worked for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton and was recently indicted by special counsel John Durham for allegedly lying to the FBI during Robert Muller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Clark suggests:

“It is shocking to you that the attorney that this woman—the woman who was killed by Baldwin ‘accidentally’ by a prop gun—was married to [is] an attorney who’s representing closely the Clinton Foundation?” Clark asked rhetorically. “Michael Sussmann is the attorney at the epicenter, at the very beginning of the Russia, Russia, Russia allegations when they were saying President Trump—at the time candidate Trump—was involved with the Russians doing nefarious business dealings. The guy who perpetuated that story, his name is Michael Sussmann. Michael Sussmann was an attorney working for the Clintons at this law firm. That is a fact. Now we have another attorney who is supposed to be involved closely at the epicenter of Sussmann/Durham/Clintons. This attorney’s wife just got shot. Let’s talk about that on a personal level. Let’s say that I was married to somebody who’s really, really on the tip of the spear, and they know what’s going on, and somebody wanted to scare me into not moving forward or not speaking or not whatever. If they killed my spouse, that’s maybe one way to stop most people from moving forward.”

RightWingWatch dismisses Clark’s claim, pointing out that “Hutchins’ husband, Matt, has no role in the Sussmann case, as he specializes in ‘handling mergers and acquisitions transactions, securities offerings, cross-border investments, spin-offs, restructuring transactions and corporate governance matters for public and private companies and private equity funds.‘”

The 4 Universal Rules Of Gun Safety

  1. Treat all guns as if they are always loaded.
  2. Never let the muzzle point at anything that you are not willing to destroy.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you have made the decision to shoot.
  4. Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

Alec Baldwin broke all 4 gun safety rules. There are gun experts on movie sets who check guns and ammo for errors, three times over, at least. How could a gun miss all the checks before being used?

A NY Post article gives credibility the plot theory. The story explains that Rust Director Alec Baldwin replaced union whistleblowers who demanded increased gun safety measures on set with non-union workers. Whistleblowers were sent home and six hours later Alec Baldwin had shot two crewmembers killing one of them dead.

Clark and Ward further alleged that the shooting was actually part of a “satanic ritual” carried out by Baldwin in an effort to “move up a level” within the Freemasons.

There’s definitely a parallel between people moving up a level in this sick world of celebrity and these satanic rituals,” Clark said. “So you’re saying, Charlie, is that Alec Baldwin wanted to move up a level?

What I heard from somebody who dislikes him, so it may be made up, is that he’s also a Freemason,” Ward replied. “I have people that I can contact, and he said to me, ‘He’s been trying to move up a level for some time.’ … When you get to a certain level—I forget what they call it now. Is it circles or something? I think it’s in circles—when they move up a level, they have to sacrifice a human life.”

An anonymous Hollywood producer alleged the following about the incident. While anonymous, his points make sense and staying anonymous would make sense for obvious reasons, however there is always the chance that this is a lie so take it as you will:

Hollywood insider and pol lurker from back in the day here. I have worked in Hollywood for over a decade as a producer. I can tell you what really went down. It will f#%k you up big time so be prepared.

He was given live rounds. Live rounds, as in bullets with gunpowder behind them aren’t allowed on set because they can’t be used. Let me repeat that. THEY CAN’T BE USED. The only rounds that are allowed are dummy rounds(no gunpowder) and blank rounds(no bullets.) There is no way a live round would make it to set because it wouldn’t have been purchased or stored in the first place. This would only happen if a crime is being committed.

Virtually no one nowadays uses blank firing during day scenes. This is because you can’t see the muzzle flash in the day time. You would just fire the revolver and let it cycle. It is pretty much completely unheard of nowadays and for good reason. Insurance is purchased for films and every single thing is scrutinized before it is approved. If you have something that is risky in the slightest, you pay thousands of dollars more for it and the studio tells you upfront to make the cheaper decision.

When firing a gun on set, the hired weapons expert, armorer, prop master, or other crew member loads blanks into it. It is damn near impossible to load a series of blanks and also a live round in a six shooter revolver without noticing. Any f@#king idiot would hold six bullets in their hand and realize that five of them have no bullet attached to them and one of them does. It’s like holding six d!(k$ in your hand and only one of them has a d!#&head. It’s impossible not to notice.

(Victim, Halyna Hutchins) It is extremely rare that an actor would aim a gun at a crew member. Actors aim guns at other actors or at empty spaces. Even if they are pointing the gun at the camera, the cinematographer and director are not directly behind the camera or in the way of the gun, they are off to the side looking at the monitors. Even if the camera is moving and the cinematographer is behind it, it is still extremely rare that the actor would aim a gun at them due to all the other angles they could be aiming at. It is a very rare alignment that does not occur.

The press are misleading you on purpose. They keep saying he was given a prop gun. A prop gun is a gun that can’t fire bullets. Only a real gun can fire real bullets. He was given a real gun which was a six shooter revolver. They are saying prop gun for a reason. They are trying to diminish the fact that this was a crime.

The death falls in line with an occult practice of art predicting death. Alec is in a movie where he plays a man trying to help his grandson who committed an accidental murder. Brandon Lee was in a film where he played a man who gets shot and killed and resurrected. Heath Ledger played a rebooted version of same character that got killed and resurrected. (Heath Ledger played a character that was directly inspired by The Crow. The Joker. David Goyer and Chris Nolan admitted that The Joker’s entire look and make-up, the way he goes into the gangster meeting, the knives he chooses, the fire symbols and a lot more are directly ripped from The Crow.) They are all playing characters that they become in real life.

The movie is also a metaphor for Satan. Do you see the connection? Brandon died playing a role. Heath died playing the same role. They were both playing men that were burning society down. They were both playing the role of Satan. They were both murdered as sacrifices. They were both killed at the age of 28.

But what about Alec’s character? He plays an outlaw that is breaking a 13 year old murderer out of prison. 13 is a metaphor for the spirit of rebellion. He is also playing the role of Satan.

The deaths all align with occult satanic numerology.

March 31st, 1993 at 1:03. 3311993103 = 33 = 6.
January 22nd, 2008 at 3:33. 1222008333 = 24 = 6.
October 21st, 2021 at 1:50. 10212021150 = 15 = 6.
They all result in 6.

All three of those deaths occurred during times of satanic sacrifice on the satanic calendar.
The majority of players in Hollywood are card carrying Satanists. They keep it a secret. Their families keep it a secret. They attend black masses. They attend orgies. They attend animal sacrifices. They attend human sacrifices. They pretend to be atheists and Christians to the public. But they are full blown Satanists operating under disguise. In private if you are at a party with them inside one of their homes you will be able to tell by the artwork they keep. They always most always have some sort of satanic artwork. If you are good friends with them they will tell you that they are a Satanist and that they believe that Satan is more powerful as God and is going to defeat him in the end times. These people hold sacrifices during certain times of the year. They often come in threes.


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