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Charleston, SC Church Shooting: Was it a False Flag?
Charleston, SC Church Shooting: Was it a False Flag?

Charleston, SC Church Shooting: Was it a False Flag?

Official Story:

The Charleston church shooting  was a mass shooting that took place at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, United States, on the evening of June 17, 2015. During a prayer service, nine people were killed by a gunman, including the senior pastor, state senator Clementa C. Pinckney; a tenth victim survived. The morning after the attack, police arrested a suspect, later identified as 21-year-old Dylann Roof, in Shelby, North Carolina. Roof later confessed that he committed the shooting in hopes of igniting a race war.

The United States Department of Justice investigated whether the shooting was a hate crime or an act of domestic terrorism, eventually indicting Roof on 33 federal hate crime charges. Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church is one of the United States’ oldest black churches and has long been a site for community organization around civil rights. Roof is to be indicted on federal hate crime charges, and has been charged with nine counts of murder by the State of South Carolina. If convicted, he could face a sentence of death or thirty years to life in prison. A website apparently published by Roof included a manifesto detailing his beliefs on race, as well as several photographs showing him posing with emblems associated with white supremacy. Roof’s photos of the Confederate battle flag triggered debate on its modern display.

Did Psychotropic Drugs Influence the Shooter?

Dylann Storm Roof was taking a pharmaceutical drug  linked with sudden outbursts of violence. According to a CBS News report, earlier this year when cops searched Roof after he was acting suspiciously inside a Bath and Body Works store, they found “orange strips” that Roof told officers was suboxone, a narcotic that is used to treat opiate addiction. Suboxone is a habit-forming drug that has been connected with sudden outbursts of aggression. The second amendment is blamed for the shooting by Obama and the media for the incident with little or no report of the drug which is often a common denominator for crazed “lone gunmen”.

Could this Mass Shooting Possibly have been a False Flag?

With Obama’s NDAA’s legalization of propaganda to the American people, mas shootings have increased by 20 times, so it’s always wise to look at the possibility of a false flag operation. Certainly, the Charleston Church massacre throws up some red flags that have many convinced it was a false flag event.

Simultaneous Active Shooter Drill – The Charleston church shooting took place smack-dab in the middle of a preplanned five-day active shooter training exercise. Both FBI agents as well as local law enforcement were in the middle of a pre-planned five-day active shooter training exercise when, according to mainstream media reports, a white racist opened fire and killed 9 black church goers.

The fact that an active shooter drill was happening at the same time as the Charleston, South Carolina shooting doesn’t in itself mean that the attack was a false flag but it does add a thick layer of suspicion onto the attack.

It is important to note that if this was a false flag it absolutely does not mean that no one was killed or that the attack wasn’t a horrific act of terrorism.

What it would mean is that the shooter either had help or was a straight up patsy and that the 9 people killed in the attack were killed not because one person was racist but because they were being used as pawns in an operation to further racial tension in America, in turn leading to a possible race war between poor white and poor blacks while the real elite sit back and enjoy the ensuing madness.

If this is true it becomes even more important to expose the true facts and get real justice for the victims families as well as reveal to the American people what is actually going on within the government. (Source: IntelliHub.com)

CIA Hit Team “Suicides” Doctor, Then “Protects” South Carolina Massacre Shooter

as reported by Sorcha Faal @ WhatDoesItMean.com

An interesting new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Federal Security Service (FSB) states that President Putin’s sudden call to President Obama on Friday (26 June) was directly related to information retrieved from a captured Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operative relating to a planned NATO attack upon the Kaliningrad Oblast should war erupt between the Federation and United States.

According to this report, on 24 June, FSB counterintelligence agents assigned to the Kaliningrad Oblast arrested Jevgenijus Mataitis charging him under Article 275 of the Criminal Code. Mataitis, who holds Russian-Lithuania citizenship, but is a permanent resident of the NATO member nation Lithuania, pleaded guilty on 26 June to this charge for his role in collecting data about Federation Armed Forces for the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defense (LMND).

As this report relates to Mataitis and his arrest, it’s important to understand that under Federation law there is no specific offence of misprision [the deliberate concealment of one’s knowledge of a treasonable act or a felony], but by being charged under Article 275 of the Criminal Code he was able to come forward with information by providing the FSB with a statutory defence to his acts of treason.

Specifically, Article 275 states: “A person who has committed crimes stipulated in this Article, or by Articles 276 and 278 of this Code, shall be relieved from criminal responsibility if he has facilitated the prevention of further damage to the interests of the Russian Federation by informing the governmental authorities of his own free will and in due time, or in any other way, if his actions contain no other corpus delicti.”

While under the protection of Article 275, this report continues, Mataitis confessed to the FSB that he was an operative of the CIA having been recruited by them in 2007 and assigned to one of their secret prisons (black sites) in Lithuania, after which he received further training in both the United States and Germany.

Since Mataitis held both Lithuanian and Federation citizenship, this report further explains, he was also trained by the CIA on how to infiltrate Federation military bases with false documents/papers for the purpose of gathering intelligence.

But most interesting to read in this report is that when Mataitis was arrested he had in his possession a “smart phone like device” which had been provided to him by the CIA and was still activated as none of his “handlers” were yet aware of his capture.

Once the FSB gained possession of Mataitis’s CIA issued “communication device”, and guided by his “instructions”, this report details, electronic intelligence experts were then able to decrypt it gaining immediate access to what are called “hour-week-day codes” that then enabled them to “unscramble” thousands of stored CIA communications “swept” into the Federations global intelligence network during the preceding week.  

And of the most bizarre, and equally horrific, CIA communications decrypted by the FSB, this report continues, were of an American-based CIA “hit-team/kill-squad” operating in North Carolina that within a number of hours “suicided” an Obama regime dissident named Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, and then “protected” a mass murder suspect on the run from South Carolina named Dylan Roof.

According to this FSB’s report on the decrypting of these CIA messages, they show that on 18 June, a “known” CIA “hit team” was operating in the western region of North Carolina between the cities of Ashville and Shelby on a “disposal operation”, which Federation intelligence experts say is US “spy talk” for the suiciding of dissidents…the next day a prominent autism researcher and vaccine opponent, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, was found dead in a Henderson, County North Carolina river having suffered what is said was a self-inflicted gun wound to his chest.

Within two hours of this CIA “hit team” completing their “disposal operation” in Henderson County, this report continues, they then traveled two counties over to Cleveland County, North Carolina, where they then “directed and effectuated” the capture of the fugitive mass murderer Dylan Roof.

And most bizarrely in these CIA communications relating to the capture Dylan Roof, this report notes, were the members of this “hit team” “directing/ordering” North Carolina police authorities not to harm him as he was labeled as “one of our assets.

These North Carolina police officials then violated all international protocols in arresting such a mass murder suspect as they not only holstered their weapons when approaching him, this report states, but none of them established the at least 35 meter blast radius around Roof’s vehicle in the event he had filled it with explosives to enlargen his death toll, and as the video evidence proves.

As to why the Obama regime would on one hand order the CIA “suiciding” of a prominent doctor, while at the same time ordering the CIA to protect their mass murder “asset”, this FSB report only comments on in their highly classified version.

However, in a guest post yesterday, titled Second Reconstruction Descends Upon American South As Northern Bloodlust Endures, perhaps these strange events can be brought further into the light.

Aanirfan.blogspot.com claims Dylann Roof has a connection to Sandy Hook, Elliot Rogers, and The Hunger Games…  and that the SPLC and Mossad may have been behind the false flag event.

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