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European Space Agency Stages a Mock Celebration of the Alleged Landing of the Philae Lander on a Comet
European Space Agency Stages a Mock Celebration of the Alleged Landing of the Philae Lander on a Comet

European Space Agency Stages a Mock Celebration of the Alleged Landing of the Philae Lander on a Comet

On November 12th, 2014, the European Space Agency, staged a mock celebration of the alleged landing of the Philae Lander on a comet, after the Rosetta spacecraft had supposedly been orbiting the comet – or so the story goes.  The Rosetta spacecraft was sent out into space in 2004 for the purpose of landing on Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.  The immediate response from most people around the globe was, ‘That’s a great feat!’

Of course it would have been… if it actually happened; but the fact of the matter is, it didn’t.

Time for a little history lesson.  The Rosetta spacecraft was deliberately named after the ‘Rosetta Stone’, and the Philae Lander was intentionally named after the ‘Philae Obelisk’ – which directly corresponds with the Rosetta Stone, as they share the same inscriptions.

(The Rosetta Stone translation is at this link for those who are interested.)

While it would take a great deal of time to explain the revealing inscriptions on the Rosetta Stone, we will break it down to you in a very simple way.  The Rosetta Stone and the Philae Obelisk share a series of inscriptions in various languages. The inscriptions tell a fabricated story – explaining the Egyptian King, Ptolomy V’s ‘heritage’ from the gods.  It was carefully worded to re-establish rule of the Ptolemaic kings over Egypt.  It was in essence a decree passed by the council of priests, in March of 196 BC – March uncoincidentally being the same month that the Rosetta Spacecraft was launched.  The decree affirmed the royal cult of the 13-year-old Ptolomy V, on the first anniversary of his coronation, which occurred in November 197 BC – November uncoincidentally being the same month in which the Rosetta Spacecraft allegedly ‘landed’ on the alleged comet.  Uncoincidentally speaking, it is also interesting to note that the Rosetta Stone was ‘relocated’ the very same month that landing positions were located for the Rosetta spacecraft – at the end of August.  We will explain the relocation in detail.  Does anybody ELSE find this all ‘a little bit fishy’?  It is, and you should.  And so, let’s expose this hoax.

Is it possible, that the official version of the story of the Rosetta Spacecraft, is nothing more than a fabricated modern parallel – a modern ‘historical echo’ so to speak, written for those with ‘itchy ears’?  Is it not possible, that the official story, was fabricated, so that the governments of today, could maintain complete control of the ‘realities’ of the slaves of today?  The evidence is so overwhelming – and you will see this as the story unfolds.

Let’s consider the narrative on the Rosetta stone.  With 20/20 historical hindsight, it is fair to say, that the original Rosetta Stone inscriptions were little more than a propaganda story, for ‘itchy ears’ – a fabricated story that would enable the reigning government of that time, to maintain control over the slave population; and for the purpose of re-establishing rule.  The story was carefully fabricated to explain to the slaves of Egypt – who had itching ears and loved tales, that their ‘Pharoahs’ were to be revered as ‘gods’, and that their new ‘Pharoah’, should in turn be recognized as their new ‘god’.  The decree on the Rosetta Stone and Philae Obelisk spoke of the god Osiris – Osiris being the name that would be given to the camera on the Rosetta Spacecraft.

It may surprise you at this point in the article, to learn that there is a group of people, imbued with hubris, who consider themselves to be, ‘the global elite’.  The Rosetta spacecraft, the Philae Lander, and the camera Osiris, were all deliberately named by the elite of our modern-day Egypt, in order to impose their ancient Egyptian god worshiping realities, on the slaves of today.  And who are these modern-day slaves? – you might be wondering.  The “slaves” of today are those people who are enslaved to the lies of the governments whom they serve – for starters.  And ‘the global elite’, are the ones who are truly running the governments, from behind the scenes.  (Note: If the idea of a global elite, controlling the world governments from behind the scenes is alien to you, then the rest of this article is not going to make much sense.  The rest of this article was written for those of you who are already informed about the global elite.)

Now that the basic names in this space story have been historically connected, let’s look at some of the modern day parallels that were intentionally inserted into the fabricated story of the Rosetta spacecraft.  Let’s also look at how the story of the spacecraft was fabricated, in order to ‘mirror’ the history of the story of the Rosetta Stone and Philae Obelisk – and let’s do so in context of the story written on them, and the history of the Rosetta Stone itself.

According to the official government narrative, after the Rosetta spacecraft ‘orbited’ the comet for some time, a ‘landing site’ was supposedly found and was to be called ‘Site J’.  But apparently, after ‘a staged public competition’, they decided to name the site Agilkia – after Agilkia Island.  And so, what would be the symbolic point of that?  What future ‘coincidence’, would this naming, set the stage for?  Why would the Egyptian god worshiping One World Government, want to pay homage to their Egyptian ‘gods’, by inserting the name “Agilkia” into the official narrative of this fabricated event?   The answer is: Because of the significance of the temple, located there.

The Ancient Egyptian temple complex of ‘Philae’ in southern Egypt, is very important to the Egyptian god worshiping global elite, because it is the place where the temple of

" >Isis is located.  (Did you say “ISIS”?  The name uncoincidentally given to the CIA funded and trained terrorist group, that is currently the focal point of so much staged media propaganda?  Yes, but that is a different article.  Now back to the temple complex of Philae, in southern Egypt.)

Philae Island, was the original site of the Egyptian temple.  When the building of the Aswan Dam threatened to flood the temple, the global elite had the temple physically ‘relocated’ to Agilkia Island, just one kilometer away.  In order to direct the attention of a global audience to their Egyptian gods, the global elite decided to symbolically reenact the movement of this temple.  The comet landing hoax gave them the podium they wanted.

In order to direct the global audience to the new temple location on the island of Agilkia, the illuminati, pulled some strings to have the first space landing site, named Agilkia.  And what makes the Agilkia space landing site so significant in busting this hoax, is the fact that it was named before the physical attempt to ‘land’ the Philae Lander.  The series of events that allegedly happened after the landing site was named, could only be a scripted series of events, to mirror the moving of the Philae temple.  The odds for the Philae lander, to mirror the movement of the Philae temple, while landing on a distant comet, are simply too astronomical, for the story to be authentic.  See for yourself.

According to the official narrative, after the Philae Lander allegedly FAILED to land at the Agilkia site, it was uncoincidentally ‘relocated’ – just like the temple complex.  In other words, the spacecraft in the comet landing story, against all odds, somehow, magically reenacted the historical Egyptian Temple movement.  The Philae Lander supposedly bounced twice, before coming to rest on the surface of the comet, approximately 1 km away from the original site named “Agilkia”.  The global elite, managed to get the name of their temple, “Philae”, the name of its new location, “Agilkia”, and the exact distance the temple moved, “1 km”, all into this fabricated space narrative, right under the noses of all the historians out there – and apparently nobody even noticed.

Are we to believe, that the Agilkia landing site was named, as though they knewthat the Philae Lander would not rest at that particular spot, but instead would finally rest 1 km away, as a perfect historical echo of the temple moving to Agilkia Island?  This is not a coincidence.  This is a scripted and planned narrative, to a fabricated comet landing, that never really happened – except in the minds of those who bought the lie, that is.  And not only did so many ‘buy the lie’, but in so doing, they also got sucked in to the Egyptian god worshipping world view, of the global elite – that group of absolutely insane people, who are fabricating endless waves of staged media events, and controlling almost all the media outlets, as a platform to present the fabricated stories as real events.

Let’s not forget that one of Osiris’ historical burying places was on the Island of Philae.  Osiris once again, is the name uncoincidentally given to the camera on the spacecraft.   Perhaps there may be some even bigger coincidences, that blow this hoax wide open?  Well, according to planetary.org, OSIRIS image data usually needs to be mirror-flipped.  While this technical point may seem insignificant to some, to the global elite, it is a clue that points to one of their boasts.  And so after flipping one of the images of the comet, this was the result:

The image on the left is a 3D hollywood graphic, of the map of Philae Island on the right.  If you can’t see that, then stop reading and take a closer look.  And if you still can’t see it, then print out the two images, and start connecting the parallel structures with lines.  It won’t be too difficult.


Is this the only time that the One World Government Elite used Hollywood graphics to turn images of ancient cities into 3D models?  Of course not!  In July of 2010, the Rosetta Spacecraft captured an image of the Lutetia asteroid.  And again, it doesn’t take too much of a stretch of the imagination, to see that the proportions of the asteriod, and the map of the city of Lutetia, are so similar, that the asteriod image could only be a 3D rendering based on the ancient city map.  While this may sound like a rushed conclusion at first, connect the major features of each image, and you will soon see that the parallels go against all mathematical probability.


Paris, or “Lutetia” in Latin, is the capital and largest city in France.  The city’s motto is “Fluctuat nec mergitur”, in Latin, meaning “It is tossed by the waves, but does not sink.”

And so what would be the uncoincidental point, of the Rosetta spacecraft, with its Osiris eye, taking a snapshot of an asteroid that was named after “the city that does not sink?”  Simple: Because the illuminati, want to drill into people, the point that their “temple”, now located on Agilkia, due to a flood, did not sink – and rose above the flood waters.  Coincidence?  For those who are completely brainwashed with media propaganda it is.  The fabricated narrative of the Rosetta spacecraft, is nothing more than a psyop, on a world-wide audience – that has itchy ears, and is ready and willing to embrace any modern myth-narrative, that is placed in front of them.

It is also no coincidence that this story unraveled in the way it did, as it was the French who discovered the Rosetta Stone in July of 1799 – July being the very same month that the Rosetta spacecraft encountered Lutetia (Paris). And so it was very important, symbolically speaking, for the Illuminati to have their imaginary Rosetta spacecraft, pass by an asteroid that was named after ancient Paris, in the month of July – in the fabricated narrative that is.

And so, what of the fabricated stories on the Rosetta Stone?  Why would the Egyptian god worshiping so-called elite, feel the need to stop writing narratives like the ones that duped so many slaves in the past?  If fabricated stories worked on the Ancient Egyptian slaves in the past, then they most certainly will work on the slaves of today, right?  How are you doing so far?  Are you ‘buying’ the official narrative of this so-called comet landing?  Or are you intelligent enough, to quickly recognize that the staged comet landing, is actually the illuminati driven One World Government’s way of RESURRECTING their temple, above the ancient flood waters, into the minds and reality of the people of this day and age?

Do not overlook the deliberate mockery of your intellect taking place in the official narrative.  The global elite are taking the general world population for a bunch of fools.  It is now plain for all to see, that the names, dates, and storylines of this comet landing hoax are a complete parallel to those of Ancient Egypt.  The global elite, are openly flaunting the fact, that the world as a whole, has truly become like Sodom and Egypt!  Don’t believe it? – then they have you just the same (uncomfortable as that may be to hear).

Read more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/egypt/nile-valley/philae-agilkia-island#ixzz3JdglB5F6

Moving on, here are some simple facts about Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, that illustrate how much of a fantasy it is, to believe that any space agency successfully landed a craft on it:  The average velocity/speed is nearly 42,000 miles per hour or 67,220 kilometers per hour.  The closest distance to Earth was .39 AU (astronomical units) or in layman terms, 36,252,764.8 miles, in November of 1982.  And in February of 2014, the comet was 3.3 AU from the Earth, or a whopping 306,754,164 miles.  The comet also has a very low relative mass – not even enough to have a significant gravitational pull.




Now focusing on the physics, and with these physical facts in mind, let’s apply some ‘common sense’.

According to the official narrative, the Rosetta spacecraft was allegedly ‘orbiting’ a comet with a low relative mass, moving at nearly 42,000 miles per hour, several times before it landed.  Because the comet was so small, that in fact it would have no real gravitational pull, the spacecraft would have to orbit the comet by its own power, accelerating and decelerating as needed to orbit it.

Source: http://tapnewswire.com/2014/11/the-rosetta-hoax-exposed-and-decoded-the-comet-landing-is-a-complete-fabrication/

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