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Ex-CIA Bill Barr, on the 32nd Anniversary of the PanAm Flight 103 False Flag, Announces Final Cover Up for 2020 Election Fraud
Ex-CIA Bill Barr, on the 32nd Anniversary of the PanAm Flight 103 False Flag, Announces Final Cover Up for 2020 Election Fraud

Ex-CIA Bill Barr, on the 32nd Anniversary of the PanAm Flight 103 False Flag, Announces Final Cover Up for 2020 Election Fraud

Today, Bill Barr announced: “Well, if I thought a special counsel at this stage was the right tool and was appropriate I would do, I would name one, but I haven’t and I’m not going to.” Barr made the statements during a press conference at the Justice Department to announce the filing of charges against Abu Agila Muhammad Mas’ud Kheir Al-Marimi in the 1988 terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland (32 years to the day after the false flag that killed a team of whistleblowers on board set to testify on CIA arms and drug trafficking). Mas’ud is reportedly being held by the Libyan government.

Barr had announced on December 1st, almost a month after the election, that the DOJ had not uncovered any evidence of widespread voter fraud. Of course he would say this in the face of overwhelming evidence… he maintained that Epstein DID kill himself in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Bill Barr has been a career cover-up man for the CIA and deep state. He was a full-time CIA operative, recruited by Langley out of high school, starting in 1971. he was allegedly George HW Bush’s ‘fixer’ for the Iran-Contra scandal simultaneously managing the operation while also “fixing” the legal end and allegedly becoming one of the CIA/Deep State’s greatest and most ruthless champions and protectors. He stonewalled and destroyed the Pike and Church Committee investigations into CIA abuses, inquiries in the CIA bombing assassination of Chilean opposition leader Orlando Letelier, as well as all Bush/Clinton and CIA crimes, including BCCI and BNL CIA drug banking, the theft of Inslaw/PROMIS software, and all crimes of state committed by Bush41. And today (Dec 21, 2020), he sealed his fate as a traitor and cover-up artist by announcing the filing of charges against a patsy, Abu Agila Muhammad Mas’ud Kheir Al-Marimi, in the December 21st, 1988 (exactly 32 years to the day later) terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Pan Am Flight 103 was destroyed by a bomb that detonated in the baggage compartment as the plane made its climb out from London passing over Lockerbie, Scotland en route to New York.  A total of 270 people died including 11 residents of the Scottish town.  According to investigators, the bomb was built into a Toshiba radio cassette player and packed in a brown hard-case Samsonite suitcase that was being unlawfully shipped as unaccompanied baggage. This would later prove to be questionable or planted evidence.

The CIA’s involvement in this tragedy is particularly prominent. They had regular dealings with all the terrorist nations and groups suspected of the bombing–including Libya. In the Iran-Contra affair the CIA supplied Syrian and Palestinian terrorists with arms in exchange for drugs.  Similarly, while still claiming that Libya was a terrorist nation, the CIA regularly supplied Gadafy with weapons and explosives. When one of its “cut-outs” (an agent being paid through a secret third-party) was arrested for shipping explosives to Libya, the CIA used the standard procedure of simply denying he ever worked for them.  The quid-pro-quo with Libya was that Gadafy agreed to keep his terrorists in check.  The US government wants America reserved for domestic terrorism so it can portray the right-wing elements as radical enemies.

Robert Mueller was appointed as chief investigator of the 1988 bombing of Pan Am 103 in Scotland. The account Mueller produced was a flimsy story that accused a Libyan named Megrahi of coordinating placement of a suitcase bomb that allegedly traveled unaccompanied through several airports to find its way to the doomed flight. Despite Mueller’s persistent defense of this unbelievable tale, Megrahi was released from prison in 2009 and died three years later in Libya.

Mark Gorton refers to William Barr as the “Cabal cocaine trafficking logistics coordinator“. Prior to his appointment as Attorney General, Barr served as Chief Counsel for the CIA airline Southern Air Transport during Iran ContraRobert Mueller served as Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division during Barr’s tenure. Barr and Mueller became good friends. Iran-Contra was managed on both the operational and all-important judicial “legal” end by none other than William Barr. Barr was actually an Iran-Contra insider with the alias Robert Johnson.”

With the Pan Am 103 case, Mueller was covering up facts related to some of the of victims of the bombing—a group of U.S. intelligence specialists led by Major Charles McKee of the Defense Intelligence Agency. McKee had gone to Beirut to find and rescue hostages and, while there, learned about CIA involvement in a drug smuggling operation run through an agency project called COREA. As TIME magazine reported, the likely explanation for the bombing, supported by independent intelligence experts, was that U.S. operatives “targeted Flight 103 in order to kill the hostage-rescue team.”  This would prevent disclosure of what McKee’s team had learned. That theory was also supported by the fact that the CIA showed up immediately at the scene of the crash, took McKee’s briefcase, and returned it empty. Mueller’s diversions led to his leadership of the Criminal Division at the U.S. Department of Justice, putting him in charge of investigations regarding BCCI.

In his 1991 attorney general confirmation, Barr vowed to “attack criminal organizations”, drug smugglers and money launderers. It was all hot air: as AG, Barr would preserve, protect, cover up, and nurture the apparatus that he helped create, and use Justice Department power to escape punishment.

In his books Drugging America: A Trojan Horse and Defrauding America: Dirty Secrets of the CIA and other Government Operations, whistleblower Rodney Stich, WWII naval pilot and captain,  exposed in exhaustive detail the firsthand accounts of whistleblowers and insiders, who participated in the many criminal operations that stretched across the Bush and Clinton presidencies. Some of the shocking evidence exposes Barr acting simultaneously as a hands-on covert operative, and as Bush’s judicial/political fixer:

In Drugging America, Stich wrote:

[CIA operative] Terry Reed had been in frequent telephone contact with the man he knew as Robert Johnson. Johnson directed the drug trafficking and drug money laundering, the training in Arkansas of Contra pilots and fighters, and authorized Reed to set up the CIA proprietary in Mexico. At a later date, Reed learned that Robert Johnson was really William Barr, appointed by President George Bush to be Attorney General of the United States.

Reed’s CIA contact, William Barr, known at that time by his alias Robert Johnson, told Reed that Attorney General Edwin Meese had appointed Michael Fitzhugh to be US Attorney in Western Arkansas, and that he would stonewall any investigation into the Mena, Arkansas drug-related activities. This obstruction of justice by Justice Department officials did occur.

William Barr, who Bush appointed to be the top law enforcement officer in the United States—US Attorney General—played a key role in the smuggling of drugs into the United States. [CIA pilot Chip] Tatum’s statements about reaching Barr at Southern Air Transport in Miami through the name of Robert Johnson confirmed what [CIA operative] Terry Reed, author of the book Compromised, had told me and had written. Nothing like having members of felony drug operations hold the position of US Attorney General—in control of the United States Department of Justice—and a vice president of the United States [Bush]. With this type of influence, no one needs fear being arrested. And don’t forget the Mafia groups working with the CIA who also receive Justice Department protection that is not available to US citizens.  

According to Stich, Tatum also detailed to him meetings that took place in which he was present for meetings and telephone conversations between Bush, [NSC Colonel] Oliver North and Barr, discussing not only operations but the skimming of drug money by the Clintons.

The purpose of the meeting was to determine who was responsible for stealing over $100 million in drug money on the three routes from Panama to Colorado, Ohio, and Arkansas. This theft was draining the operation known as the “Enterprise”…The first call was made by [CIA agent Joseph] Fernandez to Oliver North, informing North that the theft was occurring on the Panama to Arkansas route, and “that means either [CIA pilot Barry] Seal, Clinton, or [Panamanian General Manuel] Noriega”…Fifteen minutes later, the portable phone rang, and Vice President George Bush was on the line, talking to William Barr. Barr said at one point, referring to the missing funds, “I would propose that no one source would be bold enough to siphon out that much money, but it is more plausible that each are siphoning a portion, causing a drastic loss.”..Barr told Bush that he and Fernandez were staying in Costa Rica until the following day after first visiting [CIA operative] John Hull’s ranch. Barr then handed the phone to Tatum, who was instructed by Bush to be sure that Noriega and [Mossad operative Michael] Harari boarded Seal’s plane and departed, and for Tatum to get the tail number of Seal’s plane….Tatum said that Barr dialed another number, immediately reaching then-governor Bill Clinton. Barr explained the missing money problem to Clinton…Barr suggested that Clinton investigate at the Arkansas end of the Panama to Arkansas route, and that he and North would continue investigating the Panama end of the connection, warning that the matter must be resolved or it could lead to “big problems”…(This description of missing drug money provided support to a subsequent meeting in Little Rock, described by Terry Reed, during which William Barr accused Clinton of siphoning drug money and that this had to stop.)

Tatum also described to Stich a March 15, 1985 flight, during which “Tatum met with Barr, Harari, and Buddy Young (head of Governor Bill Clinton’s security detail). Barr represented himself as an emissary of Vice President George Bush, who would be arriving soon. Tatum would note on his flight book “Bush visit/meet with Barr and had dinner at German restaurant”.

Compromised by Terry Reed is the true story of Bill Clinton’s sellout to the CIA.  The expose is Reed’s own eyewitness account.  He was a former CIA asset whose patriotism transformed him into a liability when he refused to turn a blind eye to the Agency’s drug trafficking. While helping the CIA set up its secret operations, he unwittingly compromised his family’s safety, ultimately forcing them to become fugitives.  Realizing that he witnessed the making of a counterfeit President and knew too much about its drug operations, the CIA set out to destroy Reed and his family.1

Barr chastised Clinton for his sloppy handling of the delicate operation and his half-brother, Roger Clinton’s, very public fall from grace for cocaine use and then his pardon by Bill. He would later tell Clinton, according to ReedBill, you are Mr. Casey’s fair-haired boy … You and your state have been our greatest asset. Mr. Casey wanted me to pass on to you that unless you f*** up and do something stupid, you’re No. 1 on the short list for a shot at the job that you’ve always wanted. You and guys like you are the fathers of the new government. We are the new covenant.

Clinton was ultimately rewarded with the Presidency. Attempts to investigate Clinton’s role in the Mena operations and the Iran-Contra affair were allegedly axed by Clinton’s own confidantes, who consistently denied he played a role in the scandal. According to the Wall Street Journalformer IRS investigator William Duncan teamed with Arkansas State Police Investigator Russell Welch in what became a decade-long battle to bring the matter to light. All of the nine separate state and federal probes into the affair failed.

Duncan would later say of the investigations, “[They] were interfered with and covered up, and the justice system was subverted,” and a 1992 memo from Duncan to high-ranking members of the attorney general’s staff notes that Duncan was instructed “to remove all files concerning the Mena investigation from the attorney general’s office.” The attorney general, serving under George H. W. Bushat that time was William Barr.

Now back to Pan-Am 103…

Just as the CIA can easily have one of their own agents arrested (when the agent gets queasy about all the illegal activities) simply by tipping off the authorities to an illegal act the CIA assigns an agent to do, they can easily frame any number of cooperating terrorist/drug dealers for acts the CIA itself pays them to perform.  When the CIA has multiple operations going on and is regularly transporting drugs and weapons via civilian airliners, it is easy to finger any number of their partners involved in these transports to take the blame for the CIA’s own purposeful sabotage. This appears to be what they did in the attempt to prosecute the two Libyans Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah.   These two men have a long history of involvement in black operations, and were most likely involved in some type of drug transshipment known to the CIA.  So it was a simple matter to write them into the script of Pan Am 103 and say they shipped a bomb rather than drugs.

As in the OKC bombing case, there is evidence here that certain government personnel were warned in advance to cancel reservations on Pan Am 103.  At least two warnings about a bomb on a US airliner  came through the FAA and various agencies in Germany.  Here is a partial list of US and South African officials who suddenly backed out of flight 103 to New York: Steve Green, assistant administrator, office of intelligence DEA; Oliver Revell, son of Buck Revell, FBI-head investigation for the Lockerbie case; John McCarty, US ambassador to Cyprus; Pik Botha, the former South African foreign minister (who sold out SA to the globalists); and Botha’s entire delegation of 22 persons, including General Mallon, Defense Minister, and General Van Tonda, head of the South African Secret Service (BOSS).

Strangely, one group of the CIA’s own, a Middle East team who had knowledge of CIA illegal drug and weapons operations, was not warned.  CIA agents Charles McKee, Matthew Kevin Gannon, Daniel Emmet O’Connor and Ronald Albert Lariviere died in the explosion of Fight PA-103.   At least one source from within the government has claimed that McKee and his team had complained about CIA weapons shipments to Syrian terrorists as well as about the large quantities of drugs the CIA was facilitating for shipment to the US.  Higher-ups in the CIA had allegedly tried to stonewall their demands for answers (as has been the case in several other documented cases involving drug operations in the military and the DEA).  In frustration they were flying home on their own accord, against orders, to present evidence to Congress.  It is my opinion that the CIA likely considered them a substantial threat, and chose to eliminate them before they could reach the US.

The Scottish court did the bidding of the US and found one of the two Libyan agents guilty in the bombing attack that brought down PanAm Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.   Like all other cover-ups involving dark-side CIA crimes, guilt was diverted away from the real culprits and transferred to a token patsy. The court refused to hear any of the evidence of CIA involvement with drug shipments and terrorists in the Middle East, or how commercial airliners, in knowing collusion with the CIA were used for transshipment of dangerous materials and illegal drugs.  Nor did the court allow attorneys to question US government officials about why CIA agents took complete control of the crash site on the first day and removed numerous articles of baggage and whisked them out of the country before Scottish police were allowed to investigate.   The US was trying to cover up their purposeful sabotage of this civilian flight, which happened to be carrying an entire CIA team coming home from the Middle East, in direct rebellion against CIA orders, with the intent to testify to Congress about secret US government involvement in drug and arms trafficking with terrorist organizations.

Now, Bill Barr has added another patsy to the cover up of Pan-Am Flight 103.

Had Bill Barr appointed a special prosecutor to look into the election fraud or Biden crimes exposed by his laptop, President Trump could easily expose the election fraud because the special prosecutor would have power to subpoena the Dominion Voting machines and certainly discover from the Hunter Biden laptops what we already know from what has been released: That Joe Biden is compromised by China and possibly other foreign enemies and should be nowhere near the White House.

The battle to save America is finding plenty of villains. Can our superheros stepping up defeat them? Not without our support. Keep fighting Patriots!