Taking Back Our Stolen History


By definition, it is an epidemic that is geographically widespread. Fear-mongers are always careful to add the innuendo that millions of people could and probably will die, as in the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 that killed allegedly 20-50 million people worldwide. Typically, the CDC, WHO, or some other “official” research organization identifies a “new” deadly virus or germ, then the number of outbreaks is inflated, and big pharma is either waiting in the wings with a magic vaccine or quick to rush one out. In most instances, the pandemic is a cover for some other contaminant in the body from the air or water, a vaccine, or chemicals.

The WHO has been criticized harshly in the media for changing the definition of a “pandemic” and in doing so has been charged with benefitting the pharmaceutical industry.

Peter Gross, infectious disease specialist with the Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, penned an editorial in 2009 for the British Medical Journal’s Clinical Evidence in which he suggested that the WHO’s loose definition could lead to false alarms.

The WHO changed their definition last year, Dr. Gross said. Previously, a “shift” in the virus would have to occur, meaning a new subtype of the virus would have to appear in order for a pandemic to be declared. A subtype is represented in the H and N numbers of a flu virus’ name, such as H1N1. Another example is avian flu, which is categorized as H5N1 or, technically, as Influenza A/H5N1.

Now, with their recent change, Dr. Gross said the WHO has made the definition too vague. They said a new animal or human-animal strain could qualify as a pandemic strain. That’s too non-specific. He said neither shifts nor drifts, which are subtle changes in the virus’ makeup, are mentioned specifically in the guidelines for declaring a pandemic.

Dr. Gross said, “H1N1 has been around for most of this century, except for 20 years mid-century, from 1957 to 1976. Nobody knows where it went, but then it re-appeared in ’76.” He said that since 1977, H1N1 has been included in seasonal flu vaccines, along with H3N2. However, Dr. Gross said the current strain of H1N1 has undergone a significant drift in its makeup, thereby making humans less resistant to it.

“A seasonal flu causes about 36,000 deaths,” he said, referring to statistics in the United States. “The difference with what’s going on right now is we have more morbidity and mortality among young children and young adults. Usually, it’s the other end of the age-spectrum that’s affected.”

The WHO pandemic document includes statistics for the three major pandemics of the 20th century. The worst was the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919, which also targeted young adults and killed 2 to 3 per cent of those who contracted it, worldwide.

Influenza is different from most other human viruses,” he said. “Influenza… is not as stable because its genetic makeup is split into pieces. If one strain meets another, the pieces mix together. When it comes out, who knows what it’s going to look like?” “We just need a better definition of all of this,” Dr. Gross said. “It’s really kind of amazing after all these years that it’s not clearer.1

As of this 2020, the WHO defines a pandemic as occurring “when a new influenza virus emerges and spreads around the world, and most people do not have immunity. Viruses that have caused past pandemics typically originated from animal influenza viruses.”

Dr. Gross says the definition could lead to false alarms and that “any minor change, any minor drift could be considered a pandemic.”

He also pointed out that, even in a medical dictionary, the definitions for the terms “pandemic” and “epidemic” are not clear, with no guidelines set on the number of people who need to be affected to reach either status, and no specific mortality rate. In their 2009 Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response document, the WHO defined a pandemic as simply “an epidemic on a global scale.”

Tom Jefferson, a renowned epidemiologist, member of the Cochrane Collaboration, an organization of independent scientists including a commission that evaluates all the studies carried out on influenza. In an interview given to the German magazine Der Spiegel, he revealed the consequences of the privatization of the WHO and the way in which health has been turned into a money-making machine.

Tom Jefferson: “[…] one of the most bizarre characteristics of this flu, and of all the saga that has played out, is that year after year people make more and more pessimistic forecasts. So far none of them has come true, but these people are still there repeating their predictions. For instance, what happened to the bird flu that was supposed to kill us all off? Nothing. But that doesn’t stop these people from making their predictions. Sometimes you get the feeling that the whole industry is starting to hope for a pandemic.”

Der Spiegel: “Who are you referring to? The WHO?”

J: “The WHO and those in charge of public health, the virologists and the pharmaceutical laboratories. They’ve created a whole system around the imminence of a pandemic. There is a lot of money at stake, as well as networks of influence, careers and whole institutions! And the minute one of the flu viruses mutates we’d see the whole machine roll into action.”

When he was asked if the WHO had deliberately declared a pandemic emergency in order to create a huge market for the H1N1 vaccines and medications, Jefferson replied:

“Don’t you find it remarkable that the WHO had changed its definition of a pandemic? The old one specified a new virus, one that spread rapidly, for which there was no immunity and that caused a high rate of illness and of death. Now these last two points on the levels of infection have been deleted, and that’s how the A flu became classed in the pandemic category.” (21)

Very conveniently, the WHO published the new definition of a pandemic in April 2009, just in time to enable them, on the advice coming from, among others, SAGE, “Dr Flu” (alias Albert Osterhaus), and David Salisbury, to declare that mild cases of the flu, renamed A H1N1, signaled a pandemic emergency. (22)

According to a financial forecast published by JP Morgan, the collaboration between the WHO and Albert Osterhaus’s ESWI to orchestrate the Swine Flu pandemic would have profited the pharmaceutical industry up to $10 billion. The popular German magazine Der Spiegel reported:

“The WHO and those in charge of public health, the virologists and the pharmaceutical laboratories….  created a whole system around the imminence of a pandemic. There is a lot of money at stake, as well as networks of influence, careers and whole institutions! And the minute one of the flu viruses mutates we’d see the whole machine roll into action.”

Jon Rappaport, whose been reporting on fake pandemics for over 30 years, breaks down the elements of a pandemic:

First, only “official researchers” are involved with the “discovery” of the new virus. There is no confirmation from independent researchers. For example, in the case of SARS (2003), ten labs belonging to the World Health Organization (WHO) performed the “discovery” of that coronavirus. They were connected through closed circuit—no outsiders allowed.

Eventually, a Canadian biologist working for WHO, Frank Plummer, told the press he was quite puzzled by what he was seeing: more and more SARS patients didn’t have the SARS virus at all. In fact, almost no new SARS patients had the virus. Well, when you stop and think about that ridiculous state of affairs, you realize you can’t say a person, with ordinary flu-like symptoms, is suffering from a new disease if he doesn’t have the cause of that disease. But the mainstream press took no notice of this and moved on.

In the case of the Swine Flu “epidemic” (2009), the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was reporting thousands of cases in America—but CBS star reporter Sharyl Attkisson found out that the CDC had, mysteriously, stopped counting cases. How could this be? She came up with the devastating answer. The overwhelming percentage of blood tests on Swine Flu patients were coming back from labs with no sign of the Swine Flu virus or any other flu virus. That story ran on the CBS News site, but as Attkisson told me in an interview, the bosses at CBS wouldn’t allow it on the national television news broadcast. Censored. And that was the end of the CBS exposure of the Swine Flu hoax. Yet, as I reported: about three weeks after CBS shut down the story, WebMD ran a piece in which the CDC estimated there were 22 MILLION cases of Swine Flu in the US. If your head is spinning, it should be.

The second major problem with the announcement of a “new disease” or an epidemic is the absence of research on what we could call the “infection factor.” Let me explain. To even begin to say a particular germ is causing a particular disease, you have to prove the germ is present in a patient’s body IN GREAT NUMBERS. A few little viral particles floating around here and there are irrelevant. You need millions. So if an ignorant doctor or a researcher states, “Well, this patient has the coronavirus so he has the disease,” he’s falling far short of proving anything useful. Where are the tests proving the patient has millions of the virus in his body? Nowhere.

The third major problem with the announcement of a “new disease” or an epidemic is the “test factor.” What test is being run on a patient to prove he has the “new virus” in his body? Most of the time, it is an antibody test. Stay with me here, this is important. Prior to 1984, it was generally recognized that a positive antibody test was a good outcome. In short, it indicated that the patient’s immune system had come in contact with a germ and successfully defeated it. But then, for several reasons, this science was turned on its head. A positive antibody test, from that time on, was evidence that the patient currently had the disease in question. Boom. Now, disease numbers could easily be inflated. And they were. And they are.

Automatically assuming that the announcement of a possible epidemic is accurate—well, it’s a major mistake, to say the least.

The CDC and WHO are operated by virus hunters. Running a new virus up the flagpole is their stock in trade. They rush to an area where an “outbreak” has been announced, and they roll up their sleeves and look for the virus. They pay no attention to environmental factors, such as contaminated water supplies or toxic chemicals or malnutrition or lack of basic sanitation.

Epidemics are good for business. Pharmaceutical business, inducing fear business, shutting down travel business, diverting the public from key events business, surveillance and quarantine business, and so on.

Here are 10 common repetitive patterns making up the anatomy of a manufactured pandemic, or ‘false flag’ disease.

1. A disease outbreak suddenly finds its way into the spotlight of mass media attention. Through unquestioning blind acceptance, going into agreement with the general consensus through mass media spin the sheep-like public immediately assume that the official authoritative view regarding the disease outbreak is correct…

2. Questioning at the early stages reveals suspicious circumstances. Those not readily accepting the official view, able to think for themselves, through questioning suspect that a deception may be at work. For starters, something to immediately arouse suspicion at least at the early stages of the scare is the fact that these diseases have existed before and had only produced temporary mild feverish, flu-like symptoms. So why the sudden epidemic outbreak of a so-called deadly virus?

3. Unfounded assertions, errors and contradictions. As with other false flag diseases, the zika deadly virus claim was found by independent investigative journalists such as Jon Rappoport to have a number of unfounded assertions, irreconcilable errors and contradictions.
The first stage when proving that a particular virus is responsible for an epidemic is to show its presence in every case or prove overwhelmingly by percentage. But in the realm of a false flag disease this doesn’t happen. With, for example, the Zika pandemic outbreak In Brazil it was discovered that there were 404 cases not the suspected 4783: Then only 17 of these 404 claimed cases could confirm the zika virus! But the Brazilian authorities ignored this and just went on to falsely claim that zika was responsible for microcephaly (children born with abnormally small heads due to incomplete brain development).

Wasn’t this a case of bad science and bad lies? The Emperor has no clothes. Then there was the case of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Here’s some good armoury for your false flag/false claims detection kit. Beware of 2 unreliable and untrustworthy tests: The PCR (Polymerise Chain Reaction) and antibody tests. As with other diseases these tests were used to falsely claim that Ebola was responsible for the 2014 outbreak.

The PCR test is prone to mis-identification and contamination errors as it relies on growing such a tiny amount of viral fragment sample and can only produce qualitative results not quantitative, meaning that it cannot indicate whether or not a person has enough virus in them to get sick. The antibody test if carried out correctly (as this test is frequently prone to errors) has the same problems in that it can only produce qualitative results. It can only tell if the person tested has antibodies for the specific virus. This would at least indicate that the person had at one time contracted the virus. However, it cannot tell whether or not the person presently has enough of the virus to get sick or have any virus in them at all. Thus in both cases highly questionable results have been used to indicate sickness and disease.

4. Either the disease doesn’t exist or its affect on the population is grossly exaggerated. Furthering with the above, listed symptoms used to diagnose the disease have been known to be very broad, as for example, in the case of SARS. A person may be diagnosed with SARS but because the lists of symptoms to confirm the disease are so broad then they could have other unrelated illnesses such as a heavy cold. The same situation has occurred with the Swine flu and other so-called deadly outbreaks…

5. The ‘one condition = one causation’ scam. Unfounded assertions, irreconcilable errors and contradictions continue to exist in the form of the official claim that the false flag disease has only one condition and is linked to only one cause, in spite of evidence to the contrary.

For example, the one condition, AIDS, has been linked (and indeed still is) to the one cause HIV virus. How can this be the case when:

  1. Any virus, such as the common cold, would affect 50% males and 50% females, as with AIDS in Africa. So how can the one cause HIV virus be used to explain AIDS when the affected ratio in the USA is 85% males and 15% females??
  2. Taking the case of Africa. The umbrella term AIDS includes many illnesses. However, instead of taking into account that these illnesses are largely the result of poverty (poor sanitation, unclean water, malnutrition, dysentery, parasitic infection… etc), people have been programmed to accept that AIDS in Africa is simply all down to one virus, HIV.

Notably, the USA’s 85% males and 15% females AIDS ratio is the same gender ratio for drug addiction. In other words, whether it’s in the USA or Africa, through a number of different circumstances AIDS is the result of a failed immune system, but these multiple causative factors are ignored. (Notably, scientific developments in the treatment of AIDS are also ignored by the medical establishment, while pharmaceutical giant Merck’s HIV vaccine was shown to increase the risk of infection. ~ Editor)

6. The mass media fanfare, hyping and fear-mongering continues. It continues on a lack of evidence or false scientific data, assumption and guesswork. People challenging the official view could be met with invalidation or even ridicule from those ignorant of the truth. The faked deadly disease is one of a number of false ‘Bogeymen’, like fake terrorism, designed by the powers-that-be to keep us in a constant state of fear. Then, to add to the theatre of illusion something common in false flags, there are crisis actors as in the case of Ebola.

7. WHO (World Health Organization) declares a global health emergency. Once again, false justification and ignorance continues. Anyone from the outside looking in would write this off as complete madness had they not worked out the ulterior motive behind the false flag disease which is…

8. A small number of individuals in high places greatly profit. Yes, those hoary old chestnuts power, profit and political gains reveal the truth behind the reason for a false flag disease. It’s the classic problem, reaction, solution scenario.

  • Problem: The powers that be secretly manufacture and orchestrate a fake disease.
  • Reaction: Predictably, believing the official line that a disease is at work, people affected demand help and want treatment.
  • Solution: The authorities, health authorities such as the WHO, corporations like Big Pharma with approval from corrupt politicians and the mainstream media see that those affected are given questionable help. Questionable medicines such as vaccinations (which in some cases had just happened to be in the development stages just before the outbreak!) and expensive invasive drugs that make huge profits from sales while a ton of revenue money goes to Big Government…

With a solution like this it doesn’t take a genius to see why the powers that be had secretly created the problem to begin with. Further, the fake disease helps advance hidden agendas such as a population reduction using a ‘deadly virus’ cover as an excuse to implement birth control…

9. Cover up! The fake disease scenario has been used as a convenient cover up for hiding a number of inconvenient truths, as in the case of the zika virus:

  • The Mayo Clinic has stated that a number of genetic and environmental factors could cause microcephaly. Instead of looking at the high numbers of poisonous vaccines, pesticides like glyphosate, metolachlor and atrazine deliberately sprayed in Brazil which can cause microcephaly, where there’s a lack of sanitation, mal-nutrition, the authorities have blamed it on the zika virus (remember, one condition = one cause).

Conveniently, this ignores the evil biotech and agricultural corporations with their poisons and allows them to continue to profiteer and exploit those suffering in misery and distress, as for instance in the case of receiving ongoing funding for the development of GM mosquitoes to deal with the problem. It’s quite simple, if you poison the populace with the above, as in the case of pregnant mothers, then terrible things can happen: Neurotoxins from the poisons can get into the mother and affect the developing foetal brain and cause microcephaly.

10. The disease soon becomes forgotten. In spite of all the claims, how the Bogeyman disease is going to take countless lives by the hour, sweeping epidemically across the globe, nothing ever comes of it. The mass media cover soon stops without a whisper, and then people quickly forget about the disease.

11. Repeat. Few will remember the last one, but they will be smeared as crazy conspiracy theorists.

As shown below, all pandemics are either (1) big ag, big pharma, big oil, and other big business cover ups for vaccine, pesticide, or environmental pollution and contamination or (2) an engineered pandemic via bioweapons or propaganda (politicians, controlled media, etc.)

  1. Smallpox – The medical establishment continues to credit the smallpox vaccine for eliminating smallpox, but the vaccine was actually a major failure. Mortality rates from smallpox increased 5X after compulsory vaccinations in 1871. Leicester, England had one of the highest vaccination rates and their smallpox breakout was higher than ever. Outbreaks of smallpox, and other highly contagious diseases such as scarlet fever, measles, and diphtheria almost always originated in populations of impoverished immigrants living in overcrowded conditions characterized by poor sanitation / hygiene and lack of access to heat, clean air, water, or nutritious foods. In the outbreak of 1893-94 in Brooklyn, NY the Mayor mandated vaccines and quarantines and payed “vaccinators” ($0.30/jab or ~$7 today) to go door-to-door in immigrant apartment neighborhoods to force vaccinate or quarantine them (many without cause). Coercion was used in Brooklyn, Massachusetts, and elsewhere in the US to convince people to get the smallpox vaccine. According to Colgrove’s review, families who were quarantined were denied access to employment or even food deliveries until they eventually acquiesced to the demands of the vaccinators. Apartment owners were forced to require their tenants to produce proof of vaccination status as a condition of receiving a room. The fact that the city was in the middle of a severe depression had a significant impact on the willingness of employees to accept vaccination rather than risk unemployment as well as the aggressiveness of the vaccinators who often terrorized or double vaxxed their prey. During the smallpox outbreak of 1893-1894 resistance against compulsory vaccination increased and several legal challenges were filed by the Anti-Vaccination League, which was a grass-roots organization based in Brooklyn and comprised largely of homeopathic physicians, for violations of Constitutional rights. In addition, there were frequent allegations that the vaccinators falsified death records in an effort to cover up the fact that their zealous activities were resulting in death for a percentage of those citizens they were charged with protecting.
  2. 1918 Spanish Flu – On March 4, 1918 at the Fort Riley, KS military base, the first outbreaks of the so-called Spanish Flu in the US were reported. But was it a deadly virus? A forced Meningitis vaccine on the military poisoned millions of soldiers, killing millions and infecting millions with side effects. Big pharma cures for the side effects worsened the problem. Governments rolled out initiatives to “stop its spread” included closing schools and places of public amusement, enforcing “no-spitting” ordinances, encouraging people to use handkerchiefs or disposable tissues and requiring people to wear masks in public. These were the early days of Rockefeller medicine and here we are repeating history over 100 years later.
  3. AIDS virus – AIDS erupted in the US shortly after government-sponsored hepatitis B vaccine experiments (1978-1981) using gay men as guinea pigs. Kary Mullis, the nobel-prize winning inventor of the PCR test, when documenting his thesis, read every paper and asked every leading AIDS researcher where he could find the link between HIV and the AIDS virus. There was none.
  4. Gulf War Syndrome – Symptoms, studies show, are an exact match with side effects from the anthrax vax pushed on the military starting in Dec ’97 as well as insecticides.
  5. West Nile Virus – arrived in NYC in 1999 and soon grew into an “epidemic” characterized by a sea of contradictions. St. Louis encephalitis (SLE) and WNV epidemics occur annually in air-polluted petrochemical regions. NYC had almost simultaneously began a 6-week pesticide spray campaign over the city, dispensed by helicopters. MTBE was being put in gas but was phased out in July 1999 – the apex of the West Nile pandemic. The WNV, like all of the so-called viruses above has never been proven to exist.
  6. Mad Cow Disease – A disease in cows caused after the UK government ordered farmers to use organophophate, on oil-like pesticide derived from military nerve gas to be doused onto the backs of the cows and absorbed in through the skin. Whistleblowers died, so did lots of cattle. Thanks Big Pharma!
  7. Bird Flu – In 2005, the US/UK media warned of a pandemic with 2 million US deaths. Nope, but they got the government green light to turn bird flu into human flu via Pentagon Bioweapons labs. Oh, and 50 million birds (chickens, ducks and turkeys) were killed “for our safety” in North America alone. Thanks government!
  8. Ebola – A hoax pandemic where the CDC, who owns the patent for Ebola which has otherwise never been isolated from a human and actually shown to exist, blames a germ for flu-like symptoms in poverty-stricken countries of Africa wrought with illnesses from toxic pollutants and chemicals illegally used by big businesses such as Coca Cola and Firestone Rubber. Using the PCR test, which is not a testing method, the ‘Ebola outbreak’ of 2014-15 had 28,600 cases in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone and 11,300 deaths. Tyrannical Quarantine measures combined with land grabs were the standard by western puppet-President of Liberia, Sirleaf Johnson. Profiteering ran amuck as millions in foreign aid poured in to fight the war against Ebola. Oh, and CDC whistleblower, Brent Hopskins, exposed nefarious government plans to use the then-impending US Ebola pandemic as an opportunity to implant RFID technology in American citizens.
  9. SARS CoV-1 – The Canadian Encyclopedia describes the wild scene in the country: “The outbreak led to the quarantine of thousands…and took an economic toll on Toronto. It also exposed the country’s ill-prepared health-care system…In late April 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued an advisory against all non-essential travel to Toronto. Government officials and experts criticized the decision as being unnecessary…During the outbreak, thousands of Canadians were quarantined. Many voluntarily quarantined themselves in their homes. Airports in Toronto and Vancouver screened travellers for high fever. News coverage spiked with each wave of the outbreak in Toronto and right after the WHO travel advisory. Major Canadian newspapers would each publish up to 25 stories per day on SARS…” Frank Plummer, director of Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory, stated, “we are finding some of the best-characterized [SARS disease] cases are negative [for the SARS virus]”. Jon Rappoport, an independent journalist who has written for CBS Healthwatch, wrote, “This [SARS] insanity is multiplied beyond all sense when you consider that, in Canada, they are now finding the [SARS] coronavirus in ZERO PERCENT of diagnosed SARS cases.” Airlines were routinely applying pesticides to airplanes, especially those on Asian routes where there was a SARS ‘outbreak’. Canadian Encyclopedia: “In total, there were 438 probable cases of SARS in Canada, resulting in 44 deaths.” Across the entire planet, in this sweeping epidemic—8098 (probable) cases and 774 (probable) deaths. Out of 6.3 billion people. Certainly deserving of all of the fearmongering!
  10. Swine Flu (H1N1) – A fake 2009 pandemic (allegedly from swine, but proven false) where Fauci, the WHO, and MSM used ordinary flu and pneumonia symptoms to fuel fear for a big pharma vaccine far worse than either. Martial law was touted, mandatory vaccination, “no jab, no job or transportation” discussed, as well as a chip or RFID bracelet. Sherryl Attkinson, via FOIA request, discovered that the CDC stopped counting cases because none of the cases they had counted as Swine Flu was, in fact, Swine Flu or any sort of flu at all, but they still reported astronomical numbers of cases to keep fear-mongering and shilling for the jab. The real reason for the fake pandemic may have been to sell an American market overstocked by more than 50 million doses of Tamiflu. The HHS endorsed the drug 8 months prior to the pandemic and also prior to the fake pandemic, Japan projected a 531% increase in sales in 2009. Hundreds of millions of pigs (300,000,000 in China alone) died/exterminated in “an abundance of caution“!! One of the 26 Pentagon labs in Ukraine is located in Kharkiv, where in January 2016 at least 20 Ukrainian soldiers died from Flu-like virus in just two days with 200 more being hospitalized. By March 2016, 364 deaths were reported across Ukraine (81.3% caused by Swine Flu A (H1N1) pdm09 – the same strain which caused the world pandemic in 2009.
  11. Zika Virus – After the Tdap vaccine (linked in 1990 study to microcephaly) that was mandated to all expectant mothers in Brazil in late 2014, Brazil had 4,180 localized outbreaks of babies with shrunken heads (microcephaly) and damaged brains that were born from Oct-2015 through Jan-2016. A mosquito-borne virus (Zika, patented by the US gov’t) outbreak was played up by Dr. Anthony Fauci, but a scientific study carried out by the NECSI showed NO link between Zika Virus and microcephaly. Fauci continued to push for a vaccine solution shuffling billions of dollars to big pharma in the process.
  12. MERS – A coronavirus claimed to be originally from bats with only about 2500 cases reported through Jan-2021. Fearmongering media and WHO officials warn it could kill a third infected, but that would have to come through the bioweaponized chimera that was created.
  13. Covid-19 Plandemic – a preplanned pandemic by deep state actors to enrich themselves from patented vaccines, testing kits, etc. While deaths were normal for 2020 in all age brackets, flu and pneumonia numbers tanked, as these were labeled Covid cases with a faulty PCR test that doesn’t test for the virus – which was never isolated anyway. The fake pandemic was used by puppet politicians to carry out tyrannical measures towards the Great Reset/NWO agenda: masks, lockdowns, social distancing, quarantines, and massive censorship of truth speakers just as planned in operation lockstep, Event 201, and other planning scenarios.