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Investigative Journalist Lillian Scott Troy was kicked out of Britain on Fake Terms
Investigative Journalist Lillian Scott Troy was kicked out of Britain on Fake Terms

Investigative Journalist Lillian Scott Troy was kicked out of Britain on Fake Terms

Lillian Scott Troy, a courageous American suffragette and investigative journalist living in London, was kicked out of Britain because she focused her investigations on the evident corruption and treason of Andrew Carnegie, J. P. Morgan and the Anglo-American (British) Pilgrims Society which she (and many at the time) saw as undermining the sovereignty of the American Republic. She smelled a rat and said so, in newsprint. The British tolerated her during World War I, but two days after the peace treaty was signed, they deported her from Britain on fake grounds. Here is just one of her many hard-hitting exposés of Andrew Carnegie and the Pilgrims Society. Ms. Troy was the perennial target of Pilgrim propaganda attacks and smears in both the U.S. and British press.

Pilgrims 24-step Takeover Strategy Exposed in 1912

In 1912, Ms. Troy had uncovered and published the Pilgrims’ 24-step plan to take over America in The San Francisco Leader on Feb. 24, 1912.

She discovered that Carnegie, an American, was registered on the voting roles in Scotland (as a British subject). She also discovered that he had been awarded a “dukedom” in 1902 by the newly-crowed King Edward VII. This dukedom was most likely a title in the Knights of Malta over which Edward had just assumed control at the death of his mother Queen Victoria.

Here is a summary of the Pilgrim’s 24-steps to retaking America in 1912 that Ms. Troy first revealed. [Editor’s note: The original Troy article is missing from the Hearst archives. However, on Aug. 06, 1940Rep. Thorkelson (MN 1st) preserved them in the Congressional Record.

  1. Diminish the power of Congress,
  2. only permit pro-British Justices on the Supreme Court [remember John G. Roberts, Jr. is a Knight of Malta; so is the current president of the U.S. Pilgrims Society, John R. Drexel, IV—Kidder Peabody, now UBS AG (Swiss)],
  3. only anti-Senate court rulings,
  4. marginalize or compromise all Congressmen and Senators hostile to Britain,
  5. allow some appearance of autonomy for show,
  6. entangle the U.S. in treaties,
  7. exchange Naval officers and pretend to defer to American officers,
  8. exchange British and American soldiers and missions,
  9. send English royalty stationed in Canada to the U.S. regularly,
  10. be lavish with social invitations for American wifes and daughters to rub shoulders with titled Brits,
  11. liberally distribute royal honours to Americans,
  12. honour all Americans who promote “peace” (meaning war)
  13. ostracize woman of men hostile to “peace,”
  14. when the above is done, the King and Queen may visit Washington,
  15. only British troops will quell disturbances triggered by a royal visit,
  16. distribute titles to the very wealthy, their wives love it,
  17. buy the newspaper editorials or start a new one next door,
  18. flatter educators in the press; oppose (Fourth of July) fireworks on public safety grounds,
  19. celebrate British-American milestones using “peace” themes,
  20. discourage education among the masses, help them love their lowly existence,
  21. discourage Irish immigration by denigrating the Irish character and hygiene,
  22. annex the U.S. in quartered sections overseen by the Duke of Connaught in Canada,
  23. persistently create bad blood with Germany, and
  24. keep France off balance with treaties and arbitrations.

Source: https://americans4innovation.blogspot.com/2020/07/the-anglo-american-british-pilgrims_30.html#lillian-scott-troy