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Republican senators find body bags and anti-Trump messages on their doorsteps
Republican senators find body bags and anti-Trump messages on their doorsteps

Republican senators find body bags and anti-Trump messages on their doorsteps

Republican senators who have rejected COVID relief packages that are the brainchild of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were targeted in a protest Tuesday in which body bags were left at their doors.

Senate Majority Mitch McConnell and Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, James Inhofe of Oklahoma and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina were the focus of the protest.

At each senator’s Washington, D.C.-area residence, protesters dragged body bags from a truck and dumped them out front.

Many bags bore signs that said “Trump COVID Death.”

A group calling itself SPACEs in Action claimed responsibility in a tweet.

“GOP senators led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have been blocking House-passed COVID relief for months. Over 270,000 dead, more losing jobs & homes & small businesses, and still they’re playing politics. Today we brought the bodies to their doorsteps,” the group tweeted.

A spokesperson for Inhofe said that the group picked the wrong targets, noting that Democrats are stalling passage of any COVID relief bill.

“May I suggest they try sharing their concerns with Speaker Pelosi or Sen. Schumer? They are the ones holding up relief — not Sen. Inhofe,” the spokesperson told Fox News.

House Democrats have called for a $2.2 trillion package of proposals, but Republicans have drawn the fiscal line at $500 billion, Fox reported. The impasse has lasted for months, and House Democrats have been accused of focusing on pet priorities rather than critical needs.

On Tuesday, a bipartisan group of lawmakers proposed a $908 billion relief proposal. The legislation includes $300 billion for small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program, $240 billion in aid to governments and $180 billion to keep jobless benefits at $300 per week for four months.

The bill does not include another round of direct payments, which is a major Democratic demand.

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia urged legislators to “put politics aside & do what’s best for our country.”

“It’s inexcusable for us to leave town and not have an agreement. We can – and must – work together in a bipartisan way,” Manchin wrote in a subsequent tweet.

“This framework for a COVID-19 relief package will help our small businesses, state and local governments, and hardworking Americans. It’s time to come together.”

“Today is a victory for the American people and a victory for common sense,” Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana said at a news conference, according to the New York Post.

“It builds upon President Trump’s commitment to get something done.”

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia said the bill is “not going to make everybody happy” but was essential.

“It would be stupidity on steroids if Congress left for Christmas without doing an interim package,” Warner said.

By Jack Davis, The Western Journal