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‘Secret Weapons: Two Sisters’ Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage’ is Released about CIA MK-Ultra Programming to be the Perfect Spies / Soldiers
‘Secret Weapons: Two Sisters’ Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage’ is Released about CIA MK-Ultra Programming to be the Perfect Spies / Soldiers

‘Secret Weapons: Two Sisters’ Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage’ is Released about CIA MK-Ultra Programming to be the Perfect Spies / Soldiers

The Hersha sisters claim to have experienced chilling childhoods, recounted here by two Ohio-based investigators Schwarz (The Hillside Strangler) and former police captain and “ritual abuse expert” Griffis who say they have studied declassified CIA files and interviewed military personnel in an effort to bolster the Hersha memories. Before the age of seven, the sisters say, they were inducted into a covert, government-authorized, mind-control program designed to spawn spies and assassins. During weekends and summers, they were subjected to traumatizing experiments.

Cheryl tells of her days as a caged “lab rat,” released to navigate electrified mazes. The two became “psychological captives,” programmed to respond to code words. Following practice in weaponry, martial arts and flight training, altered identities were purportedly introduced. At 15, Lynn “was made part of a unit that experienced murder,” and she assumed the identity of team leader “Lt. Rick Shaw.” As the seductive “Samantha Gooding,” Cheryl would paralyze her victims, and she later became the cocky chopper pilot “Sgt. Thomas O’Neil.” Naturally, these two “men,” long separated, were destined to meet: “Cheryl Hersha! It’s me, Lynn, your sister. You’ve got to let me go. You can’t shoot me.”

Authors note:

This book is based on the real experiences of Cheryl and Lynn Hersha and those of their family. The personalities, events, actions and conversations portrayed within the story have been largely taken from extensive interviews, sometimes taped, court testimony, including presidential hearings, physician’s records, phone logs, research of government records and official documents, some confidential and others obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, participants’ memories and personal papers.

Some of the dialogue represented in this book was reconstructed from the Hershas’ memories, documents and/or the memories of others. The reconstructed dialogue represents the best recollection of these events and conversations and we believe more accurately reflects reality than paraphrase would. A few of the scenes depicted have been reconfigured and enhanced for clarity and dramatic impact, drawing on sometimes differing memories and versions, documents and interviews. The presumed thoughts and imagined words of the participants were written in consonance with the true actions of the people involved. When we were unable to determine precise dates, the relevant scenes were placed at the points in the narrative that are most consistent with the timing in other documents and interviews.

Victurus Libertas had a very exclusive interview with one of these sister born into the Illuminati bloodline, who were also brutally trafficked and sexually abused by both her family and the CIA, mind control and satanic ritual abuse. Her story is horrifying and can all be substantiated by doctors, therapists and medical records.

Cheryl Hersha was born into an Illuminati Bloodline Family in 1961. Her parents hailed from 2 of the 13 different bloodlines, but her Father’s Bloodline Family, Die Familie [pronounced Dee Fah-meal-ee-uh] who had immigrated from Germany to America, was the Family that controlled her young life.

Cheryl was subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse by her paternal grandparents and father from birth;  the Illuminati’s trauma-based mind control programming began, as is standard in all Illum. Families, at the age of 2yrs. Her mother was non-compliant, and underwent the same mind control techniques, as did her two siblings.

Cheryl and her older sister, Lynn, were also placed in the MKUltra/Monarch Program in 1965, as her paternal step-grandfather was OSS as it morphed into the CIA, was her father’s “Handler”, and had him sign the two girls up for the program.

Details of some of their harrowing ordeals under MKUltra were documented in the book, Secret Weapons: Two Sisters’ Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage, by Cheryl and Lynn Hersha, with Dale Griffis, PhD and Ted Schwarz. New Horizon Press. 2001.

True to known programming breakdown, the siblings began remembering a sinister and evil upbringing in 1996, as memories and alters holding memories began to surface. The more they talked to each other, the more they remembered.

Cheryl is now fully integrated and healed from the psychological, emotional and spiritual, wounds from the first traumatic 18 yrs of her life. However, the physical damage has left her permanently disabled and 5 years past her prognosis with a rare neurological disorder.

Cheryl is a born-again Christian, was married for 28 years, is a mother of four adult children, and is now a forcibly retired (disabled) RN, who lives in the Southwest with her beloved dog. Cheryl was active in the survivor communities of both MKUltra and Satanic Ritual Abuse, until her health plummeted; she has written under her pen name: C.A.Beck for decades.

Cheryl has been compelled to speak out once again “for the innocents who cannot speak”, since Wikileaks broke the Pedogate story; the same life she lived in the 1960s and 70s, when trafficked by both her Family and the CIA.