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Sports can be a wonderful thing for young men and women to compete with others, develop athletically, work within a team and build unity, learn sportsmanship, as well as develop leadership skills. The 13th Protocol explains a plan to use sports as a distraction by the elite such that we will be oblivious to their gradual takeover. Too many sports fanatics are so psychologically and emotionally attached to a team that a play or a loss can send them into a frenzy. “It’s not whether you win or lose” has been replaced by “Win at all cost!” As with Hollywood, the music industry, and other segments of the entertainment industry, the sports world is also controlled in many respects and full of symbolism of the occult.

The accompanying culture of sports fanaticism plays people’s minds and continuously demands their focused emotional attention inning by inning, play by play. Sports fans respond to the constant sensational cycles of competition between individuals and/or teams, and the unavoidable emotional and psychological result of winning or losing. Likewise, sports and the addiction to sports, like many other addictions, is a distraction diverting the attention of the participants from reality to the reality of the game and the emotional and psychological addictive benefits it guarantees.

As the musical chair participants predictably walk in one direction careful not to miss a second or lose attention for fear of losing the game, so also do sports fans figuratively march in one direction; going along with the waves of storylines, latest scores and memes that the sports leagues throw at them on a daily, even hourly or minute-by-minute basis, careful not to miss a score, a game, or a big story.

This sports platform provides a false reassurance and comfort for fans, assuring them that everything is great; everything is under control, come watch the game and relax (more on this later). The sports platform also teaches patrons to never question authority (coaches / players are usually heavily fined for criticizing umpires and referees), do as you are told, the government is a trustworthy system free or mostly free of corruption, the mass media reports factual truth, we only launch necessary wars to spread the message of freedom so you should honor the wars and the soldiers with season-long events and ceremonies before, during and after games; the war on terror is real because people who hate freedom, America, and liberty want to kill you; the government is your protector from these people who hate freedom and you should give up all your rights (and your guns) in return for personal government protection from this harm which is why you should support the idea of DHS, TSA and the militarized police state at stadiums and all over your local town.

Sports also teaches its patrons that they should be fearful, respectful and very thankful for the government’s commitment to your personal protection (police state gone nearly martial law); any opinions that don’t express full appreciation for this favor (the government is doing for you) is a voice of dissent which is disrespect, lawless, a lack of responsibility, dishonor, and even an act of violence or terrorism (Dissent = Terrorism). Sports fans are trained to appreciate these “values” early on, thus it is very easy to reinforce these ideas when you have someone’s attention every day.

Sports fans are likely to own and watch a significant amount of TV – in many cases including other TV programs – which are almost all designed to indoctrinate the way you think. Because they physically own and watch so much TV, many sports fans are positioned to digest the ideologies and marketing campaign schemes that are targeted at them. Wouldn’t you warn someone about standing in front of a target if you knew that the target was about to be used by nearby shooters? Likewise, sports fans, without realizing it, have unintentionally positioned themselves in the line of fire of the most expensive and sophisticated government propaganda campaigns ever, including the war on terror and the need to give up all your rights in order to benefit from government safety.

Unsuspected well-meaning sports fans don’t realize the degree to which their view of the world is influenced by the sports culture and the messages that sponsor those sporting events. They are unaware of the degree to which sports is serving a two-fold purpose for the emerging global government. One purpose is to make profit and the other is to provide entertainment to keep the patron coming back for more and thus continuously distract them from the real issues.

Sports talk shows are powerful reinforcement platforms of government narratives and not about truth. Owned by the same corporate giants who own most of the media, sports talk shows have long been known for censoring truth from the communication airwaves. Try calling into a major sports network with real questions about freedom, tyranny, sports, and the global government agenda and see how far you get; you will be “off topic” and easily cut off.

What we see is a carefully coordinated mass mind manipulation of sports fans that include the systematic, scheduled delivery of entertainment, distraction from real news, rechanneling of young male bravado, energy, and passion, and a scheduled feeding of government propaganda all so deeply embedded into the minds of sports fans that most of them don’t realize the how much they are being manipulated. They don’t realize the role sports has played in the social engineering of America.

Think of the Boston Red Sox honoring the victims of the Boston bombing and pushing the ‘Boston Strong’ marketing campaign to keep the false flag event in everyone’s mind and push the globalist agenda further. Was the Red Sox organization willing to lend a voice to those who doubted the official government version of the event or to lend a voice to those outraged by the unconstitutional ‘lock down’? How about the post-9/11 ceremonies that paralyzed the sports world in a whirlwind of emotional displays which went on for weeks. Will we ever really know how these 9/11 ceremonies triggered the anger and imagination of our youth into wanting to enlist in the military and wanting to kill Muslims for America? Consider the social engineering that took place in both cases, without actually saying it; the sports leagues cement the lies by not allowing critics to have a voice, giving the perception that critics are not welcomed, not appreciated, and are not entitled to a voice. In this manner the sports platforms act as ceremonies for socially cementing the lies told by government and media.

As the global government plans move forward and Americans wake up to the reality that America is hijacked by thugs who hate the Constitution and freedom, sports remain in the way of consciousness making it nearly impossible for tens millions of young men and women to think on their own for a moment, look around and see the crumbling nation that was once America the free. They continue to believe we are free because they hear the playing of the national anthem before every game and the PA announcer says we’re free. They accept their slavery at the hands of DHS because they hear the repeated voice coming from the PA system saying “See something say something”. They are encouraged that it’s okay to report your neighbor or a stranger to Big Brother for almost any reason that might seem even remotely suspicious. They won’t take a minute to think on their own, because after burning all their energy rooting for their favorite team or player there is hardly ever any time, energy, desire, or resources left to act upon any other cause like standing for freedom or the restoration of your country and the Constitution. No way.

The question (of defending freedom, liberty and the American Way) is extremely difficult to concentrate on. With so many neurological sensory patterns competing for the sports fan’s mind it is not easy to choose a paradigm that goes against all the stimulus patterns you the sports fan have been exposed to for so long. Knowing that taking a stand for freedom will make you stand out and will put you in a position of perceived unpopularity with your peers, your favorite team, your favorite player or the perceived opinion of the general masses makes your decision to stay uninvolved that much easier. The thought of enjoying the next game and being consumed in the rush that accompanies each game is more than enough for the typical sports fan to allow themselves to become a passive observer in this fight for truth, and consciousness. And just like that, the sports hypnotic spell goes on consuming all of the energy of our generation. (Source: ActivistPost)

New World Order Conditioning

On February 4th, 2011, an article appears in the NY Times regarding changes in the landscape of women’s soccer as the U.S. team becomes a major player on the international scene, titled, “In the Women’s Game, It’s a New World Order“, perhaps the first article relating changes in sports to a “New World Order” followed by hundreds more since. Detailed below, articles begin appearing in every sport (football, basketball, baseball, tennis,  golf, soccer, etc.) with a headline or part of the article addressing a new world order of that particular sport.

This really makes little or no sense to anyone that doesn’t understand the global elite’s plan for a new world order to displace the constitution of the United States, but the association and promotion of any positive change in the sports world as a “New World Order” of that sport is a psyop to  slowly condition us to accept the coming New World Order that is a tyrannical plan of the ruling elite to enslave mankind under the guise of a better, safer world government and one world religion

Most of these writers would never consider calling a change in the sport a ‘new world order’ unless obligated, enticed, or compelled. Perhaps the editors are changing the headlines without consulting the articles writer, but whatever the reason there is undoubtedly a new agenda of conditioning the masses in sports for the coming political, religious, and social new world order By accepting it, we will give up what few freedoms we have left at the time, and although they will paint it as a beautiful picture in our dark and weary state, we will soon after awaken to the more sinister picture that was hidden from our view until light was shed on it. Below are some of the hundreds of articles I found:

In the Women’s Game, It’s a New World Order

The New York TimesBy YAEL AVERBUCH  | FEBRUARY 4, 2011

“We come from a women’s soccer culture that is used to success, and anything less is considered disappointing or a failure. I think it’s important, however, that we adjust our mind-set with the changing times. Even men’s World Cup champions Spain don’t dominate and win every game. The more time that goes by, the more competition we’ll see from around the world, and the same, winning results can’t be expected or taken for granted.”

Simon Chadwick believes new world order is emerging in football

BBC Sports | 16 September 2011

“Simon Chadwick, professor of sport business strategy and marketing at Coventry University, believes a “new world order” is emerging in football.”

College football playoff may slow Nick Saban but won’t stop him

AL.com | By Kevin Scarbinsky | [email protected] | on June 29, 2012 at 6:30 AM

“It sounds like a minor detail, but it’s a major departure from the way teams headed to the BCS Championship Game have been able to devote their undivided attention to one opponent for an extended period of time. Saban’s plan there obviously works. He’s 3-0 in national title games, each margin of victory larger than the last.

He’ll have to alter his approach the first time Alabama reaches the semifinals under the new format. Then again, so will everyone else in this New World Order. Saban won’t have the advantage of experience, but he won’t be at a disadvantage, either.”

Room for Out-of-Conference Rivalries in College Football’s New World Order?

NCAA.com | Updated – Sep 8, 2014 11:54 EDT

Compares traditions vs. “New World Order” (or the new college 4-team playoff system)

Last Rivals Standing

By MATTHEW FUTTERMAN | Updated Nov. 23, 2012

A new world order is coming: In 2014 the NCAA will institute a four-team playoff, culminating in the crowning of a national champion, which will trump all polls and debates. “We’re chipping away at what makes college football unique,” said Bill Martin…

Fraley: It’s all about Rangers’ ‘phenomenal’ New World Order bullpen

Gerry Fraley, Dallas Morning News

Eyes on Texas: A ‘new world order’ when it comes to Horns on the radio

By Brian Davis – American-Statesman Staff | Posted: 1:40 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015

In ‘New World Order’ of college athletics, fans of South Carolina and Clemson must form alliance

May 15 2014 6:04 pm  May 15 6:05 pm

The Post & Courier, Gene Sapakoff Columnist

No. 1 Clemson clinches ACC Atlantic Division with win over Florida State

BY PETE THAMEL | Posted: Sat Nov. 7, 2015

CLEMSON, S.C. — The searing momentum of a football program can be more easily encapsulated by a feeling than a ranking. Down here in Death Valley, the orange-clad faithful slogged through the mist on Saturday afternoon to cheer for a Clemson team that hadn’t been ranked No. 1 since the final poll of the 1981 season. The 83,099 fans climbed to their toes and serenaded, from the bottom of their lungs, a new world order of football in the state, the ACC and the country….

The College Football Playoff Risk board

SB Nation | By Spencer Hall

DAMN RIGHT THE TIDE ARE THE U S OF A. And Canada and Mexico, a necessary combination of territories some Alabama fans will point out assumes the coming of the New World Order That’s a mindless conspiracy theory but do consider…

College Football Playoff National Championship 2015: How to watch, odds, game info, more

SB Nation | By Kevin Recio

The football four is over and we’ve finally arrived at the ultimate game in college football. The #2 Oregon Ducks face off against the #4 Ohio State Buckeyes for the first ever College Football Playoff National Championship Game. After 16 years under the BCS’ reign of terror, a new world order will be established as tonight’s match will introduce a new system to crown college football’s greatest.

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