Taking Back Our Stolen History
Fox News [faux news]
Fox News [faux news]

Fox News [faux news]

(aka Faux News for satirical purposes) is a U.S. cable and satellite news channel that masqurades as a conservative news channel but its cloak is thinly disguised. It is the voice of the uniparty regime in Washington used to gaslight conservatives. It often promotes non-conservative values such as feminism and the homosexual agenda, and most hosts are antagonistic to Trump as managed by the globalist Murdoch family. Just when fairness was needed, its news anchor Chris Wallace sided with liberals against President Trump in the first presidential debate of 2020 and the network abandoned its base completely during the 2020 Election as they were the first to call AZ prematurely for Biden while refusing to call other states for Trump on Election night that he had a better chance of winning than Biden did AZ. Then they refused to cover any evidence of fraud. Its viewership responded by turning the channel. Profits from Fox News enhance the wealth of heir James Murdoch, who bankrolls liberal foundations that advance the Leftist agenda for elections and the global warming hoax.

Fox News is a channel that merely regurgitates news originally reported by other sources, with almost no original reporting of its own. It is influenced by dark money and promotes liberal Republicans rather than conservative ones, such as the late John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Some conservatives, including President Trump, noticed the increasing shift to left-wing. On March 27, 2020, Fox fired conservative host Trish Regan for accurately pointing out that the liberal media was overhyping the coronavirus issue as deja vu of their failed attempt to impeach and remove President Trump.

Like all cable networks, the audience of the Fox News Channel is small compared with the internet. Not quite 2.4 million viewers—mostly elderly—watch the Fox News Channel during its peak times. Fox News Channel heavily promotes RINO Backing—commentators who may appear to be conservative but side with RINOs just when it matters most. In the first major 2016 presidential debate, feminist Megyn Kelly of Fox News ambushed Donald Trump with irrelevant, out-of-context quotations to make it appear that he was somehow anti-women. Additional examples on Fox News include Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove, and Rush Limbaugh, who viciously savaged Todd Akin for making a pro-life statement that pregnancy from rape is rare. The Fox News Channel gave Karl Rove a platform to raise money against pro-life Republican candidates, and has repeatedly featured liberal Republicans to help them against conservative rivals in Republican primaries.

Even pundit Sarah Palin is too conservative for Fox News Channel, as when it canceled some of her interviews at a key political moment in August 2012, and then refused to renew her contract at the end of 2012. Fox negotiated a new contract five months later but generally pushed her off the air.

The Fox News Channel favors neoconservatives and is particularly weak in criticizing the homosexual agenda and abortion. The Fox News Channel often helps elect less conservative Republicans, as when it repeatedly featured and promoted John McCain and Chris Christie while excluding their more conservative primary opponents. It drifted further from the conservative movement by petulantly declaring that conservative Newt Gingrich would not be accepted back. In January 2019, Fox News promoted Microsoft’s NewsGuard, which blacklisted conservative organizations such as Breitbart News and Judicial Watch as “fake news.”

On November 9, 2020, former Fox News employee Steven Crowder and his colleagues at Louder with Crowder ran a segment titled, “Fox News Is Not Your Friend! Here’s Why…” detailing how the Fox News Channel is politically correct rather than conservative, and why Fox News is virtually no different in most substantive aspects from the left-wing corporate media. They discussed Fox News’ suspension of Judge Jeanine Pirro for planning to review allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election; Fox News calling the state of Arizona for Joe Biden before all other mainstream media outlets; Chris Wallace’s subpar performance as a moderator in the first presidential debate of 2020; John Roberts’ false assertions to Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany that President Trump refused to condemn white supremacy and the former’s temper tantrum after he was criticized for refusing to accept McEnany’s legitimate answer which included numerous quotes from the President directly condemning white supremacy; Fox News’ hiring of former DNC Chairwoman Donna Brazile; and Fox News’ collusion with YouTube to algorithmically promote itself as an “authoritative source” at the expense of smaller, independent creators. Crowder additionally recalled being “muzzled” during his time at Fox News, and argued that the reason he was censored may have been consistent conservatism, not inappropriate humour as he had previously assumed. This heavy and unrestrained criticism of Fox News lasted for over half an hour before the commentators moved on to a different topic.

However, because it is much more conservative than the rest of the mainstream media, Fox News has been fiercely opposed and targeted by liberals, the mainstream media, and even some anti-Trump “conservatives.”

2020 Election

Rupert Murdock wanted his top on-air hosts to come out and claim Joe Biden won the election despite mountains of evidence that the election had been stolen.

Insider reports:

Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of Fox Corporation, once suggested that Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham could go on air and declare that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election.

The conversations between Fox News chiefs were revealed in a 200-page filing on Thursday by Dominion Voting Systems lawyers as part of their defamation lawsuit against the network.

On January 5, 2021, Murdoch emailed Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott: “It’s been suggested our prime time three should independently or together say something like ‘the election is over, and Joe Biden won.’”

He said that such a statement “would go a long way to stop the Trump myth that the election was stolen.”

Scott then forwarded Murdoch’s suggestion to Meade Cooper, the primetime programming SVP. He wrote: “I told Rupert that privately they are all there — we need to be careful about using the shows and pissing off the viewers but they know how to navigate.”

The lengthy filing makes revelations about the inner workings of the Fox News network following the 2020 election.
Text messages and emails between Fox hosts and executives reveal that while they privately accepted that Donald Trump had lost the election, the network continued to air pro-Trump conspiracy theories about election fraud.

Murdoch privately described the election fraud claims as “damaging” and “crazy,” according to the filing.

CNBC reported more from Dominion’s filing sharing:

“Sydney Powell is lying,” Tucker Carlson said in a text message to his producer, misspelling Powell’s first name.Meanwhile Laura Ingraham said in a message to Carlson: “Sidney is a complete nut. No one will work with her. Ditto with Rudy.”

“It’s unbelievably offensive to me. Our viewers are good people and they believe it,” Carlson responded, according to court papers. These messages came in the weeks after the election.

Dominion said in court papers that Fox admitted Hannity and Lou Dobbs’ shows did not “challenge the narrative” that Dominion was responsible for rigging the election or producing inaccurate results.

FOX NEWS consistently undersamples independent voters, and often oversamples democrats, driving materially false conclusions. In order to assess the gravity of the situation, we compared FOX NEWS’ data to larger and reliable data sets for comparative purposes.

Chris Wallace revealed himself to be a partisan leftist, an anti-Trump guy, years ago, so Fox News Sunday was no longer a must-watch program.  He exposed his bias in that first presidential debate; that was the final blow for most conservatives who didn’t already despise Wallace.

The Trump campaign pointed out that the director of Fox News’ election decision desk, Arnon Mishkin, was not an impartial observer but rather a staunch supporter of the Democrats. Both the Trump campaign and other observers have argued that it was too early to call Arizona for Joe Biden. Mishkin has reportedly admitted he is a “registered Democrat” who voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. He also financially contributed to the Obama/Biden campaign in 2008. In his position as head of the decision desk, Mishkin was ultimately responsible for calling Arizona for Biden very early (while voters were still in line to vote), an announcement which made waves in the mainstream media as a crucial victory in Biden’s bid to become president.

Faux FOX, along with the other fake media, called the 2020 Election for Biden despite several states still in dispute and massive evidence of widespread fraud. This was a coordinated coup attempt against the president and the mainstream media had a part to play. Fox News, with only a handful of reporters remaining who were not anti-trumpers and that did a fair job, but even several of those turned during the coup attempt.

Former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace claimed there was no hard evidence of widespread voter fraud in the presidential election:

“Well, as far as the recounts are concerned, and I saw that former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker said this earlier today, recounts matter if you are talking about 1,000 votes or 600 votes. Something like that. They had a recount in Wisconsin after President Trump won by 20,000 votes in 2016. They switched 131 votes. Biden is ahead by 20,000 votes. There won’t be a recount that finds 20,000 votes to switch that.”

He continued:

“As far as the lawsuits are concerned, that’s the president and his representative’s right to file them. You go back as I do to 2000. We saw a serious legal case there. There was a 537 vote difference between Gore and Bush in Florida. You have the question of the butterfly ballots and the hanging chad. That was a legitimate issue to litigate. You asked John Roberts, is there any hard evidence of fraud? There doesn’t seem to be. There is nothing that rises to the level that it could be enough fraud to switch thousands and thousands of votes between the two candidates.”

Larry Johnson, writing for The Gateway Pundit, looked back at their ratings in August of 2020 and compared the results with its viewership as of November 23, 2020. The numbers were devastating and telling. Fox had lost about 50% of its audience. Trump loyalists are making them pay where it hurts–the pocketbook.

  • Neil Cavuto drew 2.192 million viewers in August. By November he was attracting only 1.3 million.
  • The Five also suffered a big loss, going from 3.772 million in August to 2.883 million in November–minus 889,000 viewers.
  • Bret Baier suffered a significant decline of 1,139,000 –3.256 million in August to 2.117 million in November.
  • Martha MacCallum fared worse—she shed 50% of her audience, collapsing from 3.201 million to 1.613 million.
  • Tucker Carlson also has taken a big hit–dropping from 5.719 million in August to 3.444 million in November. That is a drop of 2.275 million.
  • Sean Hannity’s shining star is flaming out. His viewership plummeted from 6.838 million to 2.839 million. That means almost 4 million people fled his show.
  • And Laura Ingraham bled out–she dropped from 4.82 million to 2.114. She lost 2.706 viewers.

Sadly, FOX News failed to post ONE SINGLE REPORT on “2000 Mules,” a film by Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote, that proves through geo-tracking and video confirmation that Democrats used ballot trafficking to steal the 2020 election in a conspiracy that involved every single battleground state. And they forbade Dinesh and True the Vote’s Catherine Englebrecht from mentioning it or discussing it. D’Souza adds his name to a long list of now blacklisted people who can never appear on Fox News again unless they agree to bite their tongues on certain topics: Rudy Giuliani, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Peter Navarro to name a few.

Fox News has been on a collision course with its own audience since the stolen 2020 election — and you can almost feel the impact coming. The network has made so many dumb bets since that it’s like watching a busload of trailer park residents get offloaded to play the nickel slots in Reno. All you can do is shake your head as you think: I know they’re all going bankrupt, and they’re already bankrupt. It’s been perfectly obvious for years now that Rupert Murdoch and his feckless sons turned against President Trump and actually helped Joe Biden — which is not just unforgivable. It’s unsustainable.

It’s one thing for the FBI to gaslight the American people. (That’s their specialty.) It’s a whole different matter for Fox News to spit in the face of its own audience and call it rain. Fox executives are not going to allow Trump’s rallies to be aired on their channel; they’re not going to apologize for pushing Biden’s vaccine mandates; and they’re not going to allow election fraud to be discussed. As of August 1, 2022, the network has not had on the former President for over 100 days and counting in an effort to reder him irrelevant to the idiots still tuning in to the establishment media outlet.


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