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Pence, Mike
Pence, Mike

Pence, Mike

(born June 7, 1959) former establishment Republican Vice President of the United States and a former Governor of Indiana. He also has been a conservative talk radio host and an attorney. Pence holds several globalist and neoconservative positions, and has been repudiated by Donald Trump.

Pence’s tenure as Vice President of the U.S. under President Trump is the subject of much controversy among both liberals and conservatives alike. He was frequently accused of being involved in numerous subversive acts which undermined President Trump’s agenda, especially on foreign policy. He also detracted from his own re-election ticket in 2020, avoided efforts to contest the 2020 election results in several states where irregularities were reported, and yet publicly attended Joe Biden‘s inauguration.[2] Thirteen months later, Pence defended his actions at a Koch network-sponsored event. Given these events, it is a certainty that Trump will not select Pence as his running mate should Trump be the Republican nominee in 2024.

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Prior to being governor and vice-president, Pence was one of the more conservative members of Congress, serving in the U.S. Representative from Indiana‘s 6th congressional district. In the 111th Congress, he served as Chairman of the House Republican Conference. Pence has also been a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.1

Pence’s record, first as a member of Congress from Indiana for six terms, and later as governor of the state, is a mixed bag at best. In Congress, as measured on The New American magazine’s Freedom Index, which scores lawmakers based on their fidelity to the U.S. Constitution they swear to uphold, Pence scored 62 percent. While better than most Democrats and some establishment neocons and liberal “Republicans in Name Only” (RINOs), the score is hardly impressive — especially considering the fact that Pence, like all members of Congress, took an oath to defend the Constitution. While it certainly could be worse, there are more than a few votes Pence cast that should concern Trump supporters and all Americans.

During his 12 years in the House of Representatives, Pence often voted to fund globalist and neocon programs that are not authorized in the Constitution — including supporting spending bills squandering ultimately trillions of taxpayer dollars and running up massive trillion-dollar deficits for largely unconstitutional purposes. Pence also voted reliably to fund the panoply of globalist organizations, including the United Nations, the Export-Import Bank, and more, that undermine U.S. sovereignty and prosperity. The unconstitutional PATRIOT Act purporting to allow unconstitutional spying on Americans received his support, too. Incredibly, Pence even voted against an amendment that would have blocked the purported authorization of indefinite military detention of American citizens without trial. Why Pence thought Obama should be able to use the military to detain Americans without trial was not explained.

On matters of war, Pence has also sided with establishment globalists and neocons rather than the Constitution. For instance, the then-congressman voted to unconstitutionally surrender the power of Congress to declare war on more than one occasion. First, he supported giving then-President George W. Bush authority to wage an undeclared war against Iraq if and when the president decided to do so — a war that Trump has opposed. Pence even voted against an amendment to defund Obama’s devastating and flatly illegal war against Libya, in which Obama relied on a UN resolution instead of a congressional declaration of war. As congressmen in both parties explained at the time, Obama should have been impeached for that criminal and potentially treasonous act alone. The fruits of those illegal wars are now clear, too, yet Pence has not apologized for supporting them while in Congress.

Beyond war, Pence has taken positions at odds with those of Trump and his supporters on crucial issues animating his campaign. Even on illegal immigration and amnesty, Pence has come under fire from key Trump supporters and boosters over his positions. A decade ago, when the Bush-backed amnesty schemes were being considered in Congress to legalize illegal immigrants, Pence responded with a proposal that would have allegedly led to increased border enforcement and no amnesty. Key opponents of amnesty, though, including Trump supporter and conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly, criticized the plan. Pat Buchanan lambasted Pence’s proposal as “stealth amnesty.”

Pence slammed Trump’s popular proposal to temporarily ban Islamic immigration as “offensive and unconstitutional” — a proposal that polls show is supported by most Americans and the overwhelming majority of Republicans. On national sovereignty-destroying “free trade” schemes such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Pence was a major cheerleader of globalism. “The time has come for all of us to urge the swift adoption of the Trans Pacific Partnership,” Pence declared on Twitter in 2014. By contrast, Trump strongly opposed the globalist deals, both due to the economic havoc they have produced, and due to the surrender of national independence to transnational bureaucracies they bring about.

In supporting the globalist deals, Pence revealed that he does not appear to even understand what form of government America has, urging fellow lawmakers in 2005 to support Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) to promote “a dream of democracy.” The founders of America, of course, established a republic based on the rule of law, rather than a “democracy” based on the rule of men, which they thought was a poor form of government. Infowars, which has featured Trump as a guest on its popular and influential Alex Jones Show, compiled a massive list of pro-globalist “free trade” schemes Pence voted to support while in Congress — and it is not pretty, at least to those who value national sovereignty and support Trump’s stated position on the issue.

Perhaps most controversial among actions by Pence was his shameful surrender on religious liberty — a crucial American value — during his tenure as Indiana governor. In 2015, as homosexual and LGBT extremists were working to bulldoze the First Amendment and force Americans to affirm homosexual “marriage” at government gunpoint, Republicans in Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The purpose was to protect Christians and others from being coerced into participating in sinful celebrations of faux “marriage” by, for example, having to bake homosexual-themed cakes or produce flower arrangements that affirm homosexual “weddings.”

At first, Pence was supportive of the effort to protect religious liberty in the face of an unconstitutional and fanatical assault against marriage and its supporters by extremists on the Supreme Court, who defied their oath to the Constitution and the truth by inventing a non-existent “constitutional right” to homosexual “marriage.” “We are not going to change this law,” Pence declared about the effort. However, as homosexual extremists and their allied bullies among Big Business started shrieking and threatening, Pence quickly caved.

On April 2, just one week after the bill was signed into law, Pence signed another bill essentially reversing the religious freedom protections in the act and purporting to force business owners to participate in the celebration of homosexuality at government gunpoint. Religious freedom in Indiana was worse off afterward than when the effort to protect it began — and Pence is largely to blame for surrendering.

Before that, Pence helped oversee and facilitate a major deception against the people of Indiana that will do long-lasting damage to Hoosier children. As The New American reported in March of 2014, Pence and Indiana were among the first states to try to dupe citizens by replacing Common Core with a re-named and re-branded version of the Obama administration-backed, dumbed-down national “education” standards. Despite the deceptive celebrations and statements by Pence, the “new” Indiana standards are almost indistinguishable from the globalist-designed Common Core. According to experts, some 90 percent of Common Core was retained, allowing Indiana to continue receiving bribes from the Obama administration dispensed to states that surrendered control over education.

However, Pence has not been all bad news for conservatives. He is reported to be a Christian who has stood for protecting unborn children from tax-funded slaughter — a key concern of many Republicans who have been unconvinced by Trump’s purported pro-life conversion. He also stood up to the unconstitutional bankster bailout while in Congress, tried to limit federal spending to one fifth of GDP, and, at least while in Congress, stood against the extreme homosexual agenda pushed by Obama and an increasingly radicalized Supreme Court. Finally, Pence also voted in favor of properly auditing the Federal Reserve.2

Satanist and Pedophile?

Pence’s chief of staff in the early days of the Trump Administration was Josh Pitcock. Pitcock was married to Katherine Seaman. Seaman worked for the FBI and prior to the election worked with Strzok and Page on the Hillary Clinton email probe.

Karen Pence like all the other wives at the Bush funeral received a note inside their programs. Also note behind Pence and to his left a Secret Service agent is monitoring his reaction while the Veep sits directly behind the President. What the notes contained has never been divulged the reactions by the recipients was not joyous, in fact horror and/or dread was seen on many of the faces after reading the notes. (Please read this post to get the full story.)

Trump’s intelligence team probably discovered that Pence knew about Pitcock’s activities of spying on the newly elected president and Pence may have also agreed to help Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein with his case of Trump being unfit to serve making Pence president under the 25th Amendment. Lt. Gen Flynn, Trump’s original NSA Director, has all the details on Pence, Pitcock and Seaman but had his legs cut out from under him by the FBI when Strzok and another agent interviewed him without a lawyer about speaking to foreign officials during the transition.1
Pence betrayed intelligence expert General Mike Flynn and, along with Susan Rice and Bob Mueller, entrapped the nationalist General on a technicality, opening the door for Mueller to be picked by Rod Rosenstein. General Flynn would have totally protected the President from any fake Mueller probe. He is a MAGA nationalist and loyalist in the DOD for the President. Flynn had to be removed so Mike Pence fired him on a mere “process” violation – failing to answer 2 questions on a security clearance form totally by omission and mistake. Yet it was Mike Pence who thrust the knife into Flynn which opened the door for the entire Mueller Investigation. Horrendous.

Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short was literally the first person to call for Trump to accept the results of the stolen election and concede to Biden. On January 6th, Short found himself locked out of the White House with his car still in the parking lot. When a reporter asked Short why this had happened, Short’s reply was surprisingly honest: “He’s blaming me for advice to VP.” The he in this case, of course, is Trump.

We first heard about Mike Pence’s satanic connection from Tory Smith, who exposed Pence of being a pedophile and child killer a few years ago before he became VP. I believe it was back in 2016! Tory Smith said Governor Pence had raped 186 children at the time of his report which can be seen here.  Now it seems more sources are reporting Pence’s involvement with human trafficking and pedophiles networks.  Other notable sources that expose VP Pence as being a satanic child killer is ex-CIA agent Robert Steele.  You can read more and listen to the video which Robert Steele exposes Mike Pence at this link here.  Julian Assange has also noted that Mike Pence is a deep state minion and it was planned for Pence to be installed as POTUS after Trump was removed from presidential office.  You can read that story at this link here. Henry Makow also wrote up an intel report exposing the deep state pedophile problem which involves VP Mike Pence, which you can read at this link here.

Vice President Mike Pence was the governor of Indiana during enormous pedo rings trafficking children through the FBI, CIA and government officials in Indiana. Pence, is a longtime pedophile and was involved in massive child trafficking and child pornography rings in Indiana during the time he was Governor of that state. Indiana is proven to be a deep state stronghold for Satanic Ritual Abuse rings and multi-layered child-trafficking and baby-farm sales to the CIA, FBI and other government-related agencies.3

According to the late former CIA analyst Robert David Steele, General Michael Flynn was not dismissed for talking to the Russian ambassador and lying about it. He was fired because he had information on a close friend of Pence who is a pedophile. This is consistent with the fact that Flynn’s son was also fired during the campaign for tweeting about pizzagate. More concerning is that Tory Smith, left, has a series of youtubes accusing Mike Pence of being a multiple child rapist and murderer. Smith, who claimed to be a victim of satanic ritual abuse himself, makes a series of frankly crazy assertions. However, he predicted that Indiana State Police would kill him, and indeed, as of July 2016, he is dead.

There is also another article detailing Pence’s connection with the dodgy teen treatment industry.

Maryland Congressional candidate Jon McGreevey, has testified under oath that Pence is involved in pedophilia and child trafficking. Watch him discuss in an interview his knowledge of Pence’s being compromised in this manner:

Why did Pence and his staff spend four years hobbling the Trump Administration? Why can’t people believe that the GOP would try to impeach Trump to clear the way for Pence? Most Republican voters have never met the big GOP donors — and have no idea what they do with their money. The big donors wanted a Mike Pence/Nikki Haley ticket in 2024. They don’t really care what GOP voters want, and they never have. These are the people who pushed Jeb in 2016. And Paul Ryan before that. And Dan Quayle before that.

Pence is a creature of the GOP donors, not an America First patriot. That much is obvious now. Pence was added to the Trump ticket to restrain Trump’s populism — and that’s what he tried to do for four years. When pro-Trump aides were sidelined in the Trump White House, we heard the same thing from all of them: they were told to sit down and shut up and, if they were quiet, they might get to work for Pence and Haley in 2024.


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