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Orwellian Windows 10 Released by Microsoft with Built-in Spy Tools
Orwellian Windows 10 Released by Microsoft with Built-in Spy Tools

Orwellian Windows 10 Released by Microsoft with Built-in Spy Tools

Microsoft launched Windows 10 on September 30, 2014, promoting the event as the largest software update ever. Unlike previous releases, the new version has been offered by Microsoft to all domestic users as a free upgrade. Over 14 million users are reported to have downloaded and installed it within the first 24 hours of its release. Most probably never bothered reading the 34-page privacy policy and user agreement. The new agreement, by default, effectively gives permission for Microsoft to monitor users’ activities via the use of keylogger type spyware and/or record you through your computers microphone. Oh, and they can pass that info along without a warrant.

Synopsis: A rundown of the things people agree to by installing windows 10, which includes:

  • Keyloggers sending every keystroke you do to Microsoft and Inherently the Shadow Govt
  • Microphone records anything it can hear, and sends it to Microsoft

Let’s face it, unless you are living in the middle of the mountains somewhere, without another soul for miles and no need to have any contact with the outside world, the Internet is increasingly becoming more and more of a necessity vs. a commodity. Who knows if even the brightest minds  25 years ago could have foreseen where the Internet would take society, or how dependent many people’s income would become on some type Internet presence, but the point is, it’s here to stay! From sole proprietors to multinational corporations, the Internet has become essential for almost everyone. Strangely, when you consider that the Internet was created by DARPA, the black ops portion of the Department of Defense (no, not Al Gore), and then you consider the level of intrusion by government and huge corporations that savagely invade even the most intimate portions of people’s private homes and lives, it’s hard not to wonder if the Internet is just now reaching the potential of what it might have been designed for from the beginning.

Most people know that under the Obama administration the NSA has been a nightmare. Two years after Obama promised to stop spying on Americans we learned from a government whistleblower that our cell phones are still being recorded, and that Obama has even been spying on CONGRESS! None of that instills confidence… and as if worrying about the government invading your privacy isn’t bad enough, many of the private companies so many people depend on are just as bad, or WORSE than the government. With its new Windows 10 platform, Microsoft is a man among boys when it comes to spying. I have covered the issue with the following posts so far:

Recently, it was discovered that Microsoft has committed the ULTIMATE betrayal. With the increase in cyber-terrorism, or even just snooping eyes, in today’s digital age, when a person wants to keep an electronic file locked from prying eyes, they encrypt it, or lock it. Only someone with the encryption key can open it, and the originator can provide that to whomever he or she wishes.  A person’s encryption key is what keeps their digital lockbox safe. Well, it was just learned that even with the privacy feature enabled, Windows STEALS your key from you anyway. To help put that into context, let’s do a quick review of the million or so other ways Microsoft has literally set up its own peep show in your homes…

In the video above, Dr. Katherine Albrecht, who holds a Doctorate in Consumer Education from Harvard University joins Pete Santilli to discuss the most egregious privacy violation of a generation. Katherine is a privacy expert and outspoken opponent of RFID [ the RFID LADY “], implantable microchips, search engine data collection, and retail customer surveillance. Katherine has authored pro-privacy legislation, testified before lawmakers around the globe, written for numerous publications including Scientific American, and granted over 2,000 media interviews. She was appointed by New Hampshire Governor John Lynch to serve as an expert member of that state’s two-year study commission. She is also a syndicated radio host, bestselling author, and helped to develop www.Startpage.com, the world’s most private search engine and private alternative to Google.

Windows 10: An operating system that gathers data on everything you do

According to the Guardian, the default settings of Windows 10 also permit Microsoft to control a user’s bandwidth in order to “upload data to other computers running the operating system, share Wi-Fi passwords with online friends and remove the ability to opt out of security updates.”

A keylogger like the one in Windows 10 can record instant messages, emails, search requests, credit card details, the contents of documents and spreadsheets, or anything else that is typed on a keyboard. The log file created by the keylogger can then be sent to the designated receiver, in this case Microsoft.

The main reason Microsoft wants to monitor its users en masse is to monetize information about them and their habits. With 90 percent of the world’s laptops and PCs running a Windows operating system, the company’s monopoly position gives it a huge potential for harvesting data on its customers and emulate the likes of Google and Apple.

According to Heini Järvinen, Community and Communications Manager at European Digital Rights, “Microsoft basically grants itself very broad rights to collect everything you do, say and write with and on your devices in order to sell more targeted advertising or to sell your data to third parties. The company appears to be granting itself the right to share your data either with your consent ‘or as necessary’.”

What makes Microsoft’s new operating system all the more concerning is the corporation’s close relationship with the National Security Agency (NSA) and FBI, which have been engaged in the systematic and illegal violation of the democratic rights of computer users for years.

In 2014, NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden described the aim of his employer as wanting to “collect it all”—in other words, capture the entire content of the world’s Internet activity in order to analyze and profile all potential opponents of the American (shadow) government, above all, political opposition from the working class.

Snowden revealed the depth of collaboration between the NSA and Microsoft (and other IT corporations) as they sought to monitor and collect data on users of Microsoft products. Documents sent via Outlook.com, Skype and SkyDrive were monitored. Microsoft even worked with the NSA to create a backdoor to its own encryption software to ensure the agency’s fullest possible access to user data.

Rather than be greeted with excitement for being a free operating system upgrade, the question that should be asked by everyone is why is a corporation like Microsoft, with such history, so willing to give out this operating system for free.

CISA is a Surveillance Bill to Spy on You, Not a Security Bill, the entire premise of the bill is to circumvent the Supreme Court’s decision to stop domestic snooping by the NSA. The bill makes it so that the NSA does not do the snooping. It’s all done by private companies who then turn the information all over to the NSA. Microsoft is FAR from alone with these invasive measures, but we’ll get to the others in a bit.


The following 2 videos seem to give you the best chance to disable at least as much as Microsoft will allow. Some may wonder what the big deal is if you’re not visiting anything you shouldn’t or doing anything against the law. Maybe you’re right, but my years of researching the conspiratorial powers that have infested every aspect of society tells me that there is a great evil behind the spying. Christians, Veterans, constitutionalists and truth seekers are the real enemies because their willing to fight to defend the constitution and the spread of evil that is currently happening. Satan has a counterfeit for everything, and God’s omniscient power to know everything about his children on earth is being imitated by Satan and his minions with their high tech digital spy network as Satan build’s an evil counterfeit kingdom in mockery of the true divine kingdom of God that is sure to come.

Sources: wgws.org; thelastgreatstand.com

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