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‘Snatched From the Flames’: Nathan Reynolds Journey from Luciferianism to Christianity
‘Snatched From the Flames’: Nathan Reynolds Journey from Luciferianism to Christianity

‘Snatched From the Flames’: Nathan Reynolds Journey from Luciferianism to Christianity

Snatched From The Flames is a true story of Nathan Reynolds quest to discover answers to his mysterious double life. Born in between the world of the living and the land of the dead Nathan hunted for vengeance, hope, and healing. Until the day came when he made a decision that changed it all. He chose to tell the woman he loved the man she married was not what he seemed to be. For buried in the past of his other life were Secrets of bloodshed, torment, and murder. This book follows his family as they make their way out of the deadly Underworld where they will discover Hope hiding in the darkest of nights, a daughter who saves his life and a man on a desperate quest for redemption.



" >war on resentment, fear, and regret? Come with me as I run into the arms of evil and snatch those burning sticks from the flames.

I know so many of you believe the lies and do not think you’re special or that you could be anything but ordinary. I assure you of this: Yahweh hardly ever sought out the worldly champions to wage His most important wars, but rather children who were the least important and quickest to be passed over. He chose prostitutes condemned to die; he called out death dwelling men possessed with legions of demons to go and bear His witness to the nations. He chose the overlooked elderly whose wombs were withered and for whom hopes of meaning had dried up. He chose the blue-collar workers who couldn’t read or write, throwing nets into the waters, and taught them to fish for the immortal souls of mankind. He took the outcasts, those running from debt collectors, and felons in hiding, and while in The Wilderness, turned them into the Mighty Gibborim men of David, the most exceptional warriors this world has ever known. (2 Sam. 22, 23 1 Chronicles 11:10-47) Our God makes the ordinary become extraordinary and befuddles the Enemy’s elite warriors and ordained ministers of deceit.

I invite you, dear warrior, to stand. I urge you to rise up from the failures, lies, and regret and stand upon The Truth. (Eph. 6:10-19) Stand now while the battle lines are drawn, while the last of the Survivors come crawling out of their cages, addictions, and withdrawals. Stand firm when they persecute you, mock you, and call you insane. Do not relent but know that the fires of persecution should be burning against us all. We are soldiers for The Great Redeemer, and the cares of this world need to grow dim in the Light of His Glorious Face. (2 Tim. 2:3-4, Deut. 3:22) Suit up and arm yourself with The Living Word of God; obedience to it will build a hedge of impenetrable protection no power can stand against. No matter the amount of persecution and attack, you too will see that The King of Glory reigns.

It is because of my great love for you that I poured this still bleeding heart upon these pages and ask you to do the same. I urge you to pick up the dangerous pen and speak The Secrets, write the words of forgiveness, and leave the darkness behind. Join us as we light candles of hope against the darkness of despair.

With these words written, I offer you, dear reader, the torches to set this former assassin, addict, and dark wolf ablaze.
If He wills it to come to that, may the words of my testimony burn forever because great is my love for those wounded ones still perishing, lost in the internal maze. Even if it saves only one, I gladly lie upon the trembling tracks of public perception, corrupt judicial systems, and political power plays.

May those trapped in the tunnels of torture or Bloodlines see that there will always be someone who is willing to lay down his life for theirs. May the wounded ones see that a Survivor is willing to bleed for justice, righteousness, and truth. May you all know there is still yet meaning for your misery, madness, and despair.

Come and see The Redeemer of murderers, harlots, and keepers of occult ways. Come and see The God of Mercy is waiting for you to come home and find rest for your weary soul. May The God of All Comfort strengthen you in the innermost portion of your being. May He set your heart on fire with His passion, truth, and hope.

Source: https://snatchedfromtheflames.com/2019/06/01/chapter-forty-two-the-hunger/

My name is Nathan Lok Reynolds and I have been Snatched From The Flames. I am a living witness against the darkest of nights. The fire in my chest will never be quenched for it burns with The All-Consuming Fire of Yahweh Elohim. To Him alone be the praise, glory, and the offering of my life now and forever.

“Standing For The Truth” by Nathan Reynolds | Flat Earth International Conference 2019 (Nov 15)

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