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Joe Biden Delivers State of the Union Address
Joe Biden Delivers State of the Union Address

Joe Biden Delivers State of the Union Address

President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address as his administration struggled to combat soaring inflation, confusing coronavirus messaging, surging illegal immigration, rising global influence of the Chinese Communist Party, and the possibility of a larger military conflict stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.1

Biden failed to mention one of his vital campaign proposals, the Build Back Better plan, during his first annual State of the Union address. Biden went after Russian President Vladimir Putin hard during his SOTU address, but withheld harsh words for Chinese President Xi Jinping — whose goal is for China to supplant the United States as the world’s superpower and whose government was responsible for not controlling the coronavirus outbreak within its borders. Biden addressed China only once, in the context of touting the passage of bipartisan infrastructure legislation.

Biden America First?

CLAIM: President Biden claimed his administration is “actually” ensuring that “taxpayers’ dollars support American jobs and businesses.”

VERDICT: MOSTLY FALSE. Biden’s infrastructure bill signed into law last year provides giant federal carve-outs for industries to outsource and offshore American jobs.


Biden demanded Congress pass amnesty for illegal aliens by touting support from the United States Chamber of Commerce.

“Provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, those on temporary status, farmworkers, and essential workers. Revise our laws so businesses have the workers they need and families don’t wait decades to reunite.

“It’s not only the right thing to do — it’s the economically smart thing to do. That’s why immigration reform is supported by everyone from labor unions to religious leaders to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Let’s get it done once and for all.”

Indeed, Biden sides with the big business lobby, Wall Street, special corporate interests, and the pedophile elite in demanding more overall immigration to the U.S. and amnesty for illegal aliens.

Pandering to the overwhelming majority of voters who want secure borders, Biden used his State of the Union address to call on Congress to “secure the border,” after his administration allowed roughly 1.5 million migrants to pour across the southern border in his first months in office.2

The U.S. Secret Service worked with the U.S. Capitol Police to reinstall the fencing that had originally been installed for Biden’s inauguration in January of last year. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said the fencing has been reinstalled “out of an abundance of caution.” The fencing comes even as Biden continues to block the construction of border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, which has been overrun by record-setting illegal immigration levels for the last year.

Tax Cuts

Claim: Biden claimed that Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cut only benefited the top one percent of earners.

“And unlike the $2 Trillion tax cut passed in the previous administration that benefitted the top 1 percent of Americans, the American Rescue Plan helped working people—and left no one behind.”

Verdict: False.

The beneficiaries of the 2017 tax reforms were not confined to the top earners. In fact, the overwhelming majority of American taxpayers received a tax cut through the Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Eighty-two percent of American middle-class households received a tax cut and Americans altogether received an average tax cut of $1,260. Ninety percent of Americans saw an increase in take-home pay. The tax cuts raised wage growth by 3.3 percent and helped foster historic lows in unemployment.

The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center estimated in 2018 that the top 1 percent would get 20.5 percent of the tax cuts.  The top twenty percent would get 65.3 percent.  Higher-income people pay most of the income tax so cuts to income taxes tend to benefit them. The top twenty percent of households, for example, earn 53 percent of pre-tax income and pay 68 percent of all income taxes, according to the Peter Peterson Institute.

If the tax cuts for the middle class are allowed to expire in 2027—something that most analysts think is unlikely—then the cuts will indeed skew much more toward the rich. According to the Tax Policy Center, after the expiration, the top 1 percent would enjoy 82.8 percent of the benefits. Indeed, the lopsidedness of this burden is one of the reasons few expect the middle-class cuts will be allowed to expire.

But that is not what Biden claimed. He claimed that the tax cuts went exclusively to the wealthy, which is false. This is a falsehood that Biden has been telling since he was running for office. He repeated it a year ago at his first press conference.

Transgender Treatments

Biden promoted transgenderism and sex-change treatments for children during his 2022 State of the Union address amid growing evidence that the treatments are dangerous, irreversible, and divisive. “For our LGBTQ+ Americans, let’s finally get the bipartisan Equality Act to my desk,” he said.

Gay-advocacy groups want to insist on including language that establishes the gender ideology as law. If passed, the bill would effectively bar Americans’ ability to preserve single-sex institutions — including womens’ swimming contests — because the law enables men and women to select opposite-sex identities under the guise of “gender identity.”

Biden quickly denounced nationwide efforts by state governments to legally preserve Americans’ single-sex institutions from the aggressive pro-transgender advocates and legislators. “The onslaught of state laws targeting transgender Americans and their families is wrong,” he insisted.

He continued by promising to support the medical conversion of children into “transgender” people: “As I said last year, especially to our younger transgender Americans, I will always have your back as your president, so you can be yourself and reach your God-given potential.”

Afghanistan / Boebert Yell

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) interrupted faux President Biden during the State of the Union speech after he began talking about service members in Afghanistan. She later tweeted that “she could not contain herself when Biden mentioned “flag draped coffins.”

“You put them in, 13 of them,” Boebert yelled, in reference to the 13 service members killed during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.4

Nancy Pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in a bizarre display during Biden’s SOTU address, stood up and awkwardly rubbed her hands in glee as the president spoke about the dangers American troops have faced, breathing in toxic smoke from “burn pits.”

“Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan faced many dangers. One was stationed at bases and breathing in toxic smoke from ‘burn pits’ that incinerated wastes of war—medical and hazard material, jet fuel, and more.”

During that last line, the 81-year-old Democrat formed her hands into the shape of fists, stood up, smiled at Biden, and rubbed her hands together in a gleeful manner before awkwardly sitting back down and contorting her mouth to the right — one of her infamous trademarks — as she continued to look adoringly at the president.

Gun Makers Immunity

The Associated Press fact checked Sleepy Joe’s claim that gun makers enjoy immunity from lawsuits and found it “false.” The AP noted that Biden claim that there is a “liability shield that makes gun manufacturers  the only industry in America that can’t be sued, the only one.”

After checking on the validity of Biden’s statement, the AP retorted: “That’s false. While gun manufacturers do have legal protections from being held liable for injuries caused by criminal misuse of their weapons thanks to the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, they are not exempt or immune from being sued.

They noted that the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act “lays out exceptions where manufacturers or dealers can be held liable for damages their weapons cause, such as defects or damages in the design of the gun, negligence, or breach of contract or warranty regarding the purchase of a gun.”5

Russia, Russia, Russia

Biden announced a ban on Russian aircraft from American airspace following the lead set by the European Union (EU) and Canada, which closed their airspace to Russian flights a couple of days earlier.

We are joining with our European allies to find and seize their yachts, their luxury apartments, their private jets. We are coming for your ill-begotten gains. And tonight I am announcing that we will join our allies in closing off American air space to all Russian flights, further isolating Russia and adding an additional squeeze on their economy,” Biden said.6


He claimed that his administration would be able to deploy “new” coronavirus vaccines in just 100 days in the event of another variant arising. “We must prepare for new variants. Over the past year, we’ve gotten much better at detecting new variants,” Biden said while outlining his four-part plan to combat the virus during the SOTU address.

“If necessary, we’ll be able to deploy new vaccines within 100 days instead of many more months or years,” he asserted, providing no details on how he would make that a reality.

“And, if Congress provides the funds we need, we’ll have new stockpiles of tests, masks, and pills ready if needed,” he continued, adding, “I cannot promise a new variant won’t come. But I can promise you we’ll do everything within our power to be ready if it does.”

The 79-year-old failed to explain how his administration would develop new vaccines in just 100 days. Former President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, for instance, began May 15, 2020, and ended February 24, 2021 — 285 days later.

“We will never give up on vaccinating more Americans. Now, I know parents with kids under five are eager to see a vaccine authorized for their children,” Biden continued, adding that “the scientists are working hard to get that done and we’ll be ready with plenty of vaccines when they do.”7

Right, Joe. You’re so in touch.

Stumblin’, Bumblin’

Biden, as expected, stumbled through his SOTU address, flubbing several lines from his prepared text and ad-libbing lines that did not make sense.

Here is a list of his biggest mistakes:

  1. Biden mistakenly says “Iranian people” instead of “Ukrainian people.” “Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he will never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people,” he said in his speech. According to his prepared text, he was supposed to say “hearts and souls of the Ukrainian people.”
  2. Biden referred to “a pound of Ukrainian people.” His prepared text said “proud.” Biden later tried to say Ukrainians were fighting “pound for pound” with “every inch of ‘earnagy’”
  3. Biden labored through what should have been an easy line promoting midwestern manufacturing, borrowing a phrase coined by Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH): “It’s time to see the uh the uh what used to be called the Rust Belt become the uh uh um the home of uh significant resurgence in manufacturing.
  4. Biden calls for “investigating” the police instead of “investing.” The president made a passionate case for “investigating” crime prevention and community police, but according to his prepared text, he was supposed to say “investing in”. “I know what works — investigating crime prevention, and community policing, cops who walk the beat,” he said.
  5. Biden stumbles over his claim you cannot build a wall to keep out coronavirus. “You can’t build a wall high enough to keep out a-a-a-a a vaccine. The vaccine can stop the spread of these diseases,” he said. Biden typically talks about how no one can build a wall high enough to stop the coronavirus, but this line was not in his prepared text. He failed to make his point.
  6. Biden slurs his pronunciation of “health premiums.” The president referred to “health progremiums.”
  7. Biden refers to the “Russian Roubelle”. Biden stumbled over his pronunciation of the word “ruble,” a word repeatedly referred to during the Russian attack on Ukraine.
  8. Biden refers to the “infects” of climate change instead of “effects”. “[W]e’ll do it to withstand the devastating infects of climate change and promote environmental justice,” he said.  
  9. Biden struggles to talk about the number of corporations in America. “There are more corporations incorporated in America than every other state in America combined, and I still won 36 years in a row,” Biden said. Based on his past rhetoric, the president was likely referring to his home state of Delaware, but he never corrected himself. It was not in his prepared text.
  10. ‘Go git ‘im’: Biden inexplicably concluded his speech with the phrase “Go git ‘im” although it was not in his prepared text and it was unclear who he wanted the Congress to “git.”

Reviews from the left and the right indicate it was a forgettable speech and not what he dearly needed to rejuvenate his junta after its terrible first year.

Source: Breitbart