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Trump-Hating Obama-Era DOJ Official who Defended the SpyGate FISA is Chosen to Oversee FISA Reforms
Trump-Hating Obama-Era DOJ Official who Defended the SpyGate FISA is Chosen to Oversee FISA Reforms

Trump-Hating Obama-Era DOJ Official who Defended the SpyGate FISA is Chosen to Oversee FISA Reforms

Head Wolf appoints another wolf to oversee ‘changes’ in hen house!Judge James Boasberg, the new head of the FISA Court, announced in an order that he has appointed Obama-era national security leader at the DOJ David S. Kris as amicus counsel to review the reforms the FBI will be making to its FISA application process.In December presiding FISA judge Rosemary Collyer announced she would be stepping down early from the FISA Court due to ‘health issues.’Chief Justice Roberts tapped Judge Boasberg, an Obama appointee, to replace Collyer. The moves were in response to the FBI abusing the FISA process after it obtained a total of four FISA warrants on Carter Page.David Kris is an anti-Trump activist who wrote several articles lying about Rep. Devin Nunes and President Trump. Kris also fired off a tweetstorm where he defended the illegal spying on Trump’s campaign and called the Deep State coup a ‘conspiracy theory.’On Sunday Rep. Devin Nunes joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the shocking development by the corrupt Department of Justice.Nunes argued that this is even MORE OF A REASON to shut down the criminal FISA Court system.
Rep. Devin Nunes: So the fact that of all the people in the swamp… this is the guy that you come up with? A guy that is accusing me of federal crimes. A guy that was defending dirty cops at the FBI. That’s why I said it last night in a tweet, the court must be trying to abolish itself. Because there is long term damage, this is another misstep. Remember the judge from last year, that now was in charge of all of these FISAs She claimed at the end of the year, which is great, oh there is a problem here we need the FBI to do something. Well, that in and of itself was essentially a lie, or very close to a lie. Because she knew from the House Republicans that there was a fraud on the court. They had more information and evidence than we did. And so now you have a new judge who’s put in place and he picks one of the guys who was essentially covering up for the dirty cops. I guess we’re going to have to abolish this whole FISA system at this point and try to build something new. I don’t think the American people and Republicans in Congress, if this continues, you are going to have a continued concern amongst Republicans and conservatives that there is something wrong with the FBI… but this court is not acceptable.
Nunes made similar comments on Twitter on Saturday.Via Sunday Morning Futures:Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) on Sunday joined Rep. Nunes and demanded answers for why Obama-era DOJ official and swamp creature David Kris was appointed to oversee FISA reforms.“There need to be answers for why David Kris was picked to oversee FISA reforms. He’s repeatedly downplayed blatant FISA abuse in the past and dismissed the damning IG report’s findings. How can he fix a problem he doesn’t even understand?” Meadows said.“Completely unacceptable choice.” he added.As it turned out, the same officials who signed the criminal FISA warrants to spy on President Trump were the SAME OFFICIALS given the responsibility of revamping the broken FISA system. Investigative reporter Paul Sperry reported in early February 2020 on these criminals in the deep state who should be sitting in a jail cell rather than at a desk in the DOJ.According to Sperry: Gabriel Sanz-Rexach is a former Obama official who was the FISA gatekeeper at DOJ in 2016 when the illegal warrant to spy on Trump campaign was authorized. Sanz-Rexach also happens to be the same official who just certified to the FISA court that DOJ & FBI would reform their ways.Dana Boente was the hi-ranking DOJ official held over from the Obama admin who signed off on the now-invalid 3rd FISA warrant to spy on Trump aide Carter Page. Boente is now the FBI’s GC who just certified to the FISA court the FBI would reform its FISA abusing #FixIsInAnd check this out… Crooked Sally Yates was plotting with Gabriel Sanz-Rexach on FISA warrants two days after General Flynn was sworn in.Maybe relevant, maybe not. More importantly, Mike Flynn was sworn in on 1-22-17, then on the 23rd Yates schedules 2 FISA meetings w/ Gabriel Sanz-Rexach (NSD), Stuart Evans, NSD, Matthew Axelrod (ODAG), Tashina Gua (ODAG), and 2 redacted people from NSDMore on Sanz-Rexach at The Federalist
The IG report acknowledged this, noting that Gabriel Sanz-Rexach, the chief of the Office of Intelligence’s Operations Section, explained “that the evidence collected during the first FISA application time period demonstrated that Carter Page had access to individuals in Russia and he was communicating with people in the Trump campaign.”
And FBI Director Wray needs to be fired. He has proven himself to be part of the problem and not part of the solution.Source: The Gateway Pundit; TGP2

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